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Teddy Bull

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Fri, 04/10/2015 - 12:34pm

About Teddy Bull

A minion is defined as "a follower devoted to serve his/her master relentlessly". Teddy Bull Minion will be a great companion for you or anyone that you know!

As a special celebration of the 40th Anniversary in 2007 of the Haskayne School of Business the Haskayne "Signature" Teddy Bull was introduced. Teddy was created by Martin Harrington (BComm'89) founder and CFO of The Herrington Teddy Bear Company, operating out of Irvine, California. Originally an accountant by training, Martin found his true passion more than 15 years ago when he began designing distinctive, high-quality teddy bears for select clients. Since then, Herrington Teddy Bears has produced signature teddy bears for high profile companies such as Hard Rock Cafe & Hotels, The Cheesecake Factory, Giorgio Beverly Hills, Cartier, Mercedes-Benz. Tavern on the Green in New York City, Notre Dame University, the Donald Trump Organization, and many others.

The Haskayne School of Business is incredibly proud to have its own custom-designed, limited edition Herrington Signature collectible--which was designed to profile the 2007 Alberta bull market, embody the pioneering spirit of Calgary, and uphold the University of Calgary crest. Our charming Teddy Bull is accessorized from head to horn in a pin-striped business suit, white shirt, belt buckle, eyeglasses, red silk tie and matching boxers and is fully pose able with four movable joints. He comes tagged with a certificate of authentication and serial number. To ensure his worth - Teddy means business.

Book Giant Teddy Bull

If you are looking for an added kicker to your event - why not bring in a giant stuffed bull?!

Teddy Bull will arrive suited up from hoof to horn, along with eyeglasses, a red tie, and boxer shorts. You can dress him up, dress him down, accessorize him to fit your theme! From professional functions to costume parties and back, Teddy Bull is no stranger to crowds.

He rides his own cart for transportation around campus, but off campus locations will need an alternative method of transportation. Take into account the weather in case the back of a pick-up truck is the preferred method to the event.

He also comes with a cover for himself to keep the dust off his back during storage times. The cover will be with him upon retrieval, but can be removed for the event.

Rules and Regulations

  1. Absolutely NO riding on his back, leaning too heavily or jumping on him. He may look sturdy, but he is still a stuffed animal!
  2. Transportation will need to be arranged depending on the event location. You will be responsible for ensuring the proper transportation vehicle or method is used for getting him to the event
  3. If there are any props or elements that will be placed on him, contact us to let us know
  4. No food or drink near him as there may be a spill
  5. All original accessories and equipment must be returned with Teddy Bull
  6. If there is a delay in returning him, please contact us right away as he may have another booking

If there is any damage to him upon return, the event coordinators/hosts will be liable. Depending on the severity of the damage, charges may be incurred.

Events Booking Form

Read the 'Rules and Regulations' tab to understand your responsibilities. If you would like to request Giant Teddy Bull, fill out this events form:

Teddy Bull Event Booking Form

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns about Teddy Bull, contact:

Kendall McKenzie
Coordinator, Alumni Relations
Haskayne School of Business