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Energy New Venture Competition

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Mon, 06/08/2015 - 12:34pm

Started in 2014 the Energy New Venture Competition, hosted by the Haskayne School of Business’ Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, is Canada’s leading early-stage pitch competition dedicated to the advancement of emerging innovations for the energy sector.

Open to seed-stage companies, budding entrepreneurs, researchers and students from around the globe, the Energy New Venture Competition offers competitors a comprehensive mentorship and professional training program led by event partner, Innovate Calgary, invaluable exposure to a community of more than 200 investors and industry leaders, networking opportunities and the chance at more than $100,000 in cash and in-kind prizes.

This premier competition has a total of 14 spots available for teams divided between the two streams; the Concept stream for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for potential energy technology companies and the Venture stream for businesses who have entered the steed-stage and are in the process of obtaining funding.

2017 Winning Teams

Congratulations to all of the teams who competed in the fourth annual Energy New Venture Competition. 

Concept Stream: 

1st place: MycoRemedy - Kelcie Miller-Anderson (Calgary), $7,500 (and audience favourite winner)

2nd place: Pursuit Technologies Ltd. - Steve Fitzel, Dave Jellett (Calgary), $5,000

3rd place: Geometric Energy Corporation - Scott Dooley, Timothy Bjorndahl, Samuel Reid (Calgary), $2,500

Venture Stream: 

1st place: Cold Bore Technology - Jamie Clarke, Brett Chell, Tyler Sanden (Calgary), $25,000 and a pitch at PROPEL Energy Tech Forum

2nd place: Vintri Technologies - Jeff Boyle, Brendan Boyle, Phil Roberts (Calgary), $15,000

3rd place: WattBox Solar - Patrick Leslie, Frank Laxshimalla (Calgary), $10,000 (and audience favourite winner)

2017 Energy New Venture Competition Teams

Learn more about the 12 finalists who will pitch their concepts and companies to a panel of esteemed judges on February 28 for their chance to transform the energy industry.

Concept stream competitors

Cuasar Energy Ltd. - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Michael Siegert, Brian Hriskevich, Aditi Mukerjee converts electricity into carbon-neutral natural gas for energy storage. Our customers are large-scale renewable energy producers or distributors such as U.S. utility companies who seek to keep their natural gas assets while fulfilling their mandate to meet renewable targets. With our technology, microbial power-to-gas, we are cheaper than batteries while providing long-term storage.

Fuzeium Innovations Inc.Fuzeium Innovations Inc.: Well Exchange - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Roger Milley, Paula Jennings, Chris Semanciw

Fuzeium Innovations Inc. is changing the landscape of inactive wells. Alberta currently has over 82,000 inactive wells. The cost to decommission a single well typically ranges between $100K and $300K, representing approximately $17 billion in liabilities across the province. These liabilities can inhibit an operating company’s ability to acquire new assets and grow their investment. Using advanced data integration and analytics, Fuzeium’s Well Exchange platform would highlight opportunities to more efficiently decommission inactive wells, enhance hydrocarbon recovery and repurpose wells for geothermal heat/energy, water supply/storage, waste disposal, elemental recovery, etc.

Geometric Energy CorporationGeometric Energy Corporation - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Scott Dooley, Timothy Bjorndahl, Samuel Reid

Geometric Energy is a CleanTech company formed with the vision of developing technologies to answer the problems of the energy industry. Our primary project is the development of a solid-state sodium-ion battery. Modern batteries utilize a liquid lithium electrolyte, which raises various safety concerns. These batteries are toxic, flammable and explosive. There are many documented cases of these dangers manifesting, for example Samsung’s recent recall of its Note 7 phones that were exploding due to battery issues. Our project will establish a method of battery development that addresses and solves each of these issues while simultaneously reducing production costs.

Prospect RenewablesProspect Renewables: IPROF - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Arman Kiani, Mohamed Elhabiby

Prospect Renewables aims to automate the financial analysis of investments in renewable energy for electricity production, rendering the market more efficient by reducing costs and entry barriers. The application will be web-based for ease of market penetration during the early commercialization period. This type of financial analysis is currently only available in bespoke fashion and is expensive. We aim to democratize access to these services for a broader range of players. Our long-term goal is to build a valuable ecosystem for both producers and customers of renewable energy around the world.

MycoRemedyMycoRemedy - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Member: Kelcie Miller-Anderson

MycoRemedy is dedicated to changing the way the world remediates by using fungi inspired techniques to restore polluted environmental sites. Our novel mycoremediation technology is not only 100 per cent natural but is also 90 per cent less expensive and 98 per cent faster compared to traditional methods of remediation. Drawing inspiration from Mother Nature, we remediate the natural way, no energy or chemical inputs necessary.

Pursuit Technologies Ltd.Pursuit Technologies Ltd. - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Steve Fitzel, Dave Jellett

Pursuit Technologies was formed in 2016 to address production issues that E&P companies are having with their horizontal wells. We are developing a downhole evaluation tool for multi-stage completions, that is patented and in the engineering and design phase. Market analysis shows producers are investing capital for improved production and cost savings that our tool creates. We have an experienced management team that has successfully completed similar projects. Our goal is to be commercial early in 2017 and expand quickly throughout North America.

Venture stream competitors

AOMS TechnologiesAOMS Technologies - Mississauga, ON (CAN)
Members: Amir Azhari, Hamid Alemohammad

AOMS is the inventor of specialty sensors using fiber optics for remote and distributed sensing of multiple parameters such as pressure, temperature, chemicals and vibration on a single strand of fiber optic cable. The technology has been developed through a proprietary process for the integration of fiber optics in high-grade metal structures. The products are particularly designed for harsh environments such as corrosive, high temperature and high pressure with intense electromagnetic radiation. Our target markets include the environmental remediation industry, downhole monitoring in the oil and gas industry, monitoring of high-performance coatings of pipelines and structural health monitoring.

Cold Bore TechnologyCold Bore Technology - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Jamie Clarke, Brett Chell, Tyler Sanden

Cold Bore Technology is a data acquisition service specializing in digital downhole acoustic monitoring, the digitization of the surface frac spread and digital adjacent well monitoring. We are able to create actionable completions data and allow everyone involved in the completion to see this data in real time whether you are in Calgary, Grand Prairie or Houston.

Vintri TechnologiesVintri Technologies - Calgary, AB
Members: Jeff Boyle, Brendan Boyle, Phil Roberts

Vintri Technologies helps operators streamline and audit their pipeline asset data to meet regulatory requirements, reduce costs and improve their business. Compared to traditional processes, Vintri's software suite enables operators to improve quality and reduce time spent managing data, while increasing data accessibility. Having a digital catalogue of pipeline assets throughout their lifecycle, starting at the manufacturer, gives organizations greater control and visibility into their supply chain process. Vintri enables operational teams to meet due diligence requirements for complete asset data as well as enables project teams to identify issues before shipping and construction costs are incurred, improving efficiencies and uncovering cost savings.

Viper DrillViper Drill, LLC - Lake Charles, Louisiana (USA)
Members: Mark Savage, Rob Morse

Viper Drill has developed a frac-less system to stimulate production from oil and gas wells. Originally envisioned nearly 100 years ago, Viper Drill has recently and successfully deployed this mini-horizontal drilling system. Our affordable mechanical radial drilling system produces long-lasting drainage tunnels that extend into hydrocarbon reservoirs to distances far beyond the constrictive near wellbore area. By producing multiple laterals at varying angles we form a virtual wagon wheel of drainage tunnels leading back to the wellbore. Interest in our technology is high, as evidenced by meetings with several NOCs and multi-nationals.

WattBox SolarWattBox Solar - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Patrick Leslie, Frank Laxshimalla

WattBox Solar is a solar rental provider focused on power for remote industrial operations and communities. Our modular and flexible system design ensures that we can reduce our clients’ operating costs on day one. Reduced use of traditional fuels also means the system can reduce environmental and social license risks without any capital investment. The WattBox team has extensive technical and industrial experience to support hassle free technology adoption throughout the life of each lease. Our system uses standard shipping containers as the backbone of the WattBox, allowing the system be easily transported, setup and retrieved from remote locations. The ability to re-deploy our systems means that WattBox can offer solar power for temporary operations and provide flexible lease terms that haven’t previously been available to the market.

Wireless FluidicsWireless Fluidics - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Hamid SadAbadi, Amir Sanati Nezhad, Mohammad Zarifi

Wireless Fluidics is a downhole fluid analysis development company that uses emerging integrated microfluidic-microwave technology to improve reservoir management. Obtaining downhole fluid data is extremely critical for appraising, planning and executing projects as well as maximizing the asset’s potential. Wireless Fluidics provides downhole tool compatible high-resolution fluid identification sensors that allows monitoring of a wide range of parameters such as oil composition (C1, C2, C3-C5 and C6+, CO2, water), GOR, CGR and composition gradients. The modular design allows easy tool service and minimizes the fluid sample contamination. Wireless Fluidics’ DFA system helps oil and gas producers to move towards intelligent well completion by having a better understanding of subsurface conditions.


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Past Competition Winners

Learn more about past Energy New Venture competitors and winners here.




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