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Won-Yong Oh

  • Assistant Professor (ended on Jul 2, 2017)

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Won-Yong Oh is an assistant professor in the strategy and global management area at the Haskayne School of Business.  His research focus lies primarily in three areas: corporate governance, strategic leadership (CEO and top management team), and corporate social responsibility (CSR).  Currently, he is exploring how corporate governance and top management team characteristics affect organizational outcomes, such as financial performance, R&D investment, and anti-takeover provisions.  He is also looking at factors that drive CSR as well as the effects of CSR on financial performance. 

Won-Yong’s research has been published in leading journals, including Journal of ManagementJournal of Business Research, Journal of Business Ethics, Harvard Business Review and International Journal of Human Resource Management.  His papers have been presented at major conferences, such as  Academy of Management, Strategic Management Society, and European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management. 

Won-Yong joined the Haskayne School of business in July 2013. He holds a PhD from the University of Kansas  as well as an MBA from Seoul National University and a BSc from the Yonsei University. Prior to completing his PhD, Won-Yong worked as a management consultant for A.T. Kearney and Deloitte Consulting.

Selected publications:

Oh, W.Y., Chang, Y.K. and Kim T.Y. (in press, 2016) “Complementary or substitutive effects? Corporate governance mechanisms and corporate social responsibility”. Journal of Management. doi: 10.1177/0149206316653804.

Schepker, D. J. Oh, W.Y., and Patel, P.C., (in-press, 2016), “Interpreting equivocal signals: Market reaction to specific purpose poison pill adoption”. Journal of Management. doi: 10.1177/0149206316635250. 

Ogunfowora, B., Matthews, M., and Oh, W.Y. (in press), “Media depictions of CEO ethics and stakeholder support of CSR initiatives: The mediating roles of CSR motive attributions and cynicism”. Journal of Business Ethics. doi: 10.1007/s10551-016-3173-z.

Oh, W.Y., and Barker V.L. III (in-press, 2015), “Not all ties are equal: How CEO service on other firms' boards influences R&D spending”, Journal of Management, doi: 10.1177/0149206315614371.

Oh, W.Y., Cha, J.S. and Chang, Y.K., (in-press, 2015), “Does ownership structure matter? The effects of insider and institutional ownership on corporate social responsibilityJournal of Business Ethics. doi: 10.1007/s10551-015-2914-8.

Chang, Y.K., Oh, W.Y., Park, J.H. and Jang, M.G., (in-press, 2015)  “Exploring the relationship between board characteristics and CSR: Empirical evidence from Korea”. Journal of Business Ethics. doi: 10.1007/s10551-015-2651-z.

Oh, W.Y., and Rhee, M.W. (Nov. 2016) “K-Pop’s global success didn’t happen by accident”. Harvard Business Review.

Oh, W.Y., Chang, Y.K., and Cheng, Z. (2016) “When CEO career horizon problems matter for corporate social responsibility: The moderating roles of industry-level discretion and blockholder ownership”. Journal of Business Ethics. 133(2), 279-291

Schepker, D. J., Oh, W.Y., Martynov, A. and Poppo, L. (2014), “The many futures of contracts: Moving beyond structure and safeguarding to coordination and adaptationJournal of Management. 40(1), 193-225. 

Lee, K.J., Oh, W.Y. and Kim, N. H. (2013), “Social media for socially responsible firms: Analysis of Fortune 500’s Twitter profiles and their CSR/CSIR ratings”. Journal of Business Ethics. 118 (4), 791-806.

Chang, Y.K., Oh, W.Y. and Messersmith, J. (2013), “Translating corporate social performance into financial performance: Exploring the moderating role of high performance work practicesInternational Journal of Human Resources Management. 24(19), 3738-3756.

Schepker, D. J. and Oh, W.Y. (2013), “Complementary or substitutive effects? Corporate governance mechanisms and poison pill repeal”. Journal of Management. 39(7), 1729-1759.

McClelland P. L., Barker V.L. III, and Oh, W.Y. (2012), “CEO career horizon and tenure: Future performance implications under different contingenciesJournal of Business Research, 65(9), 1387-1393.

Oh, W.Y., Chang Y.K., and Martynov, A. (2011), “The effect of ownership structure on corporate social responsibility: Empirical evidence from KoreaJournal of Business Ethics, 104(2), 283-297.



  • PhD
    University of Kansas, 2013
  • MBA
    Seoul National University, 2005
  • BSc
    Yonsei University, 2003
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