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Jian Zhang

  • Assistant Professor


Jian (Ray) Zhang earned his Ph.D. in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Calgary. Before joining Haskayne School of Business, Ray was a postdoc at COSMO – the stochastic mine planning laboratory, McGill University. At the time, his research focused on applying the large-scale optimization methods (Benders decomposition, column generation) to the optimization of mineral value chain integrating upstream resource uncertainty and downstream market uncertainty. Ray’s current research interests includes dynamic pricing, mechanism design, multi-stage gaming, and the value of information in supply chain managment,

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.

Woking Paper

Zhang, J. and B. R. Nault. “Upstream Information Sharing in a Make-to-Order Supply Chain”.


  • Zhang, Jian, Barrie R. Nault, and Roussos G. Dimitrakopoulos. “Optimizing a Mineral Value Chain with Market Uncertainty using Benders Decomposition”, European Journal of Operational Research (EJOR), conditionally accepted with minor revision.
  • Zhang, Jian, and Roussos G. Dimitrakopoulos. "Stochastic optimization for a mineral value chain with nonlinear recovery and forward contracts." Journal of the Operational Research Society 69.6 (2018): 864-875.
  •  Zhang, Jian, and Roussos G. Dimitrakopoulos. "A dynamic-material-value-based decomposition method for optimizing a mineral value chain with uncertainty." European Journal of Operational Research 258.2 (2017): 617-625.
  •  Zhang, Jian, Barrie R. Nault, and Yiliu Tu. "A dynamic pricing strategy for a 3PL provider with heterogeneous customers." International Journal of Production Economics 169 (2015): 31-43.
  • Zhang, Jian, Wensheng Yang, and Yiliu Tu. "Scheduling with compressible and stochastic release dates." Computers & Operations Research 40.7 (2013): 1758-1765.
  • Zhang, Jian, Barrie R. Nault, Wensheng Yang, and Yiliu Tu. "Dynamic price quotation in a responsive supply chain for one-of-a-kind production." International Journal of Production Economics139.1 (2012): 275-287.
  • Zhang, Jian, Xiao Liu, and Y. L. Tu. "A capacitated production planning problem for closed-loop supply chain with remanufacturing." The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 54.5-8 (2011): 757-766.
  • Liu, Xiao, Yiliu Tu, and Jian Zhang. "A genetic algorithm heuristic approach to general outsourcing capacitated production planning problems." International Journal of Production Research 46.18 (2008): 5059-5074

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