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Piers Steel

  • Professor
  • Brookfield Resident Chair - Management
  • Faculty - Executive Education
  • Faculty [OBHR]

Research Interests


Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources


Piers Steel is a professor in the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources area and is the Distinguished Research Chair in Advanced Business Leadership at the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business. He is a recognized authority on the science of motivation and is known internationally for his procrastination research, receiving widespread media coverage.

Piers’ particular areas of research interest include personnel selection, culture, motivation and procrastination. He is also currently driving a systematic review of leadership research with the goal of identifying what is known and where knowledge gaps lie, and sharing the knowledge in a practical and accessible format.

Piers’ work has been published in the premier journals in the social sciences, including, Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, Psychological Bulletin, and Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, and business specifically, such as Journal of Applied Psychology, Personnel Psychology and Academy of Management Review. He has also presented his work as a keynote or featured speaker at several national and international academic conferences, includingInternational Society for Performance Improvement, Academy of Management and the American Psychological Association.

In addition to his commendable scholarly contributions, Piers has been recognized for his excellence in teaching, having received numerous teaching awards including the Dean's Award for Outstanding Leadership in Teaching and Learning and the Academy of Management Best Paper in Management Education.

Piers joined the Haskayne School of Business in 2002. He holds a BA from University of Toronto, a Masters from University of Guelph, and a PhD from University of Minnesota. Prior to joining Haskayne, Piers taught at the University of Minnesota.

Selected publications

Steel, P. & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. (2002). Comparing meta-analytic moderator search techniques under realistic conditions. Journal of Applied Psychology, 87(1), 96-111.

Peloza, J., & Steel, P. (2005). The price elasticities of charitable contributions: A meta-analysis. Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 24(2), 260-272.

Steel, P. & König, C. J. (2006). Integrating theories of motivation. Academy of Management Review, 31, 889-913.

Steel, P., Huffcutt, A. I., & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. (2006). From the work one knows the worker: A systematic review of the challenges, solutions, and steps towards creating synthetic validity. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 14, 16-36.

Steel, P. (2007). The nature of procrastination. Psychological Bulletin, 133(1), 65-94.

Steel, P., Schmidt, J., & Shultz, J. (2008). Refining the relationship between personality and subjective well-being. Psychological Bulletin, 134(1), 138-161.

Taras, V., Kirkman, B.L., & Steel, P. (2010). Examining the impact of Culture’s Consequences: A three-decade, multi-level, meta-analytic review of Hofstede’s cultural value dimensions. Journal of Applied Psychology Monograph, 95(3), 405-439.

Taras, V., Steel, P., & Kirkman, B. (2012). Improving cultural indices and rankings based on a meta-analysis of Hofstede’s dimensions. Journal of World Business, 47(3), 329-341.


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