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Energy New Venture Competition Winners

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Tue, 03/17/2015 - 2:37pm

Energy New Venture Competition 2016

The 3rd annual Energy New Venture Competition, held on March 15, 2016, enjoyed unprecedented success with its more than 60 applicants from around the globe, 14 competitors, 250 event attendees and an excess of $100,000 awarded in cash and in-kind prizes.

Congratulations to the winning teams in the concept and venture streams.

2016 Concept stream winners

  1. Aesop Technologies
  2. Invisible Predictions
  3. Bitcrude

2016 Venture stream winners

  1. Spectralog
  2. Endeavor Technologies
  3. Interface Fluidics 

2016 Concept stream competitors

Aesop Technologies - Norfolk, VA (USA)
Member: Nisha Witt

Aesop Technologies is a solar technology startup that provides products with convenience,
while promoting a healthier, cleaner environment. Aesop Nucleus, the company’s latest project, is a two-foot diameter solar concentrated dish that caters to residents and businesses that want to save money, time and energy. Regardless of the location, weather or terrain, Aesop Nucleus is the perfect alternative, compared to photovoltaic systems, that can provide maximum power at minimum costs.

BFH Corp (Bitcrude) - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Cal Broder, Trish Gibson, Cathy Ward, Lisa Mueller

BitCrude™ is a new way to process, transport, store and profit from Alberta’s crude oil. This patent pending method of processing Alberta’s liquid crude oil (Western Canadian Select), turns it into the world’s only solid crude oil. It can be packaged and transported to global markets using existing worldwide infrastructure. The modified refining process produces value added products such as gasoline and diesel, only now with a much lower capital structure.

Invisible Predictions - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Hamid Shaker, Hamidreza Zareipour, David Wood

Invisible Predictions is a cloud-based web platform. It provides real-time estimation and prediction of electricity generation from behind-the-meter solar photovoltaic systems for a neighbourhood to the national grid level. It is intended for power system operators, and generation and distribution companies with considerable solar photovoltaic capacity. The information is critical to tackle the challenges associated with significant growth of unmonitored solar photovoltaic systems in power systems.

Microbially Enhanced Thermally Engineered Oil Recovery - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Casey Hubert, Milovan Fustic

METEOR BioTech develops technology and services for lowering greenhouse gas emissions intensity and increasing productivity from heavy oil and oil sands reservoirs. METEOR BioTech’s technology and expertise in reservoir characterization, petroleum geochemistry, field development and petroleum microbiology provides novel greener solutions for challenging reservoirs. This technology offers reductions to production cost, water consumption and steam-to-oil-ratio. METEOR is logical, scientific, easy to deploy, and a safe and cost effective solution for heavy oil developers dedicated to efficiency and
lower emissions.

SMACK Energy Forecasting - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Shane Fast, Charles Bird, Kyle MacInnis

SMACK Energy Forecasting, founded by five Engineering students, is a fast, accurate and robust wind power forecasting system. The system is designed from the ground up using the best technology available. Best-in-class advanced predictive algorithms are used to get the most accuracy using a large amount of data. The result delivers up-to-the-minute customized
predictions to utility companies and system operators who will find it invaluable towards grid reliability, system planning and risk mitigation.

Solar Biocells - Calgary, AB (CAN) 
Members: Christine Sharp, Marc Strous

Solar Biocells has radically rethought biomass production, leading to an entirely new concept for the production of climate neutral fuels. Low costs and the simple nature of the process makes it possible to first produce an educational package targeting elementary schools. This enables students to extract CO2 from the atmosphere and produce biomass, while allowing Solar Biocells to demonstrate the value of the product to the world in a transparent way and ideally positioning it to move into industrial markets.


2016 Venture stream competitors

Aquatricity - Louisville, Colorado (USA)
Members: Adam Cahn, Jeff Lints

Aquatricity delivers a power and water control system that addresses the problems of energy and water scarcity faced by underserved communities worldwide. Our self-contained system combines and controls diverse and intermittent power sources such as solar, batteries and diesel in order to provide communities access to electricity and water (through water pumping, transportation and storage). The system optimizes the mix of renewable energy, delivering power at the lowest cost with the lowest carbon footprint. Aquatricity’s system also monitors and controls water pumps and water storage. It is an affordable, repeatable, drop-in solution.

Endeavor Technologies - Edmonton, AB (CAN)
Members: Brad Reiser, Josh Sallows

Endeavor Technologies delivers advanced computational modelling for the drilling industry. The first product, Drilling Safety Training Systems, utilizes real-time mathematical models packaged as a drilling simulator to deliver highly detailed and realistic scenarios for training users to conduct optimized drilling techniques for vertical and horizontal drilling jobs in a virtual jobsite. Rigs, well-control equipment, down-hole tools, formations and well plans are customizable to deliver the most advanced drilling simulation in the energy sector.

GEM Services: SmartMat - Calgary, AB (CAN) 
Members: Tamara Holling, Wendy Patterson, Steve Fisher

GEM Services has revolutionized the industrial matting industry. SmartMat™ is our innovative mat tracking solution that was designed to solve the problems of access matting. With embedded RFID tags and GPS tracking, we are able to track the exact location of every tagged mat in the field, providing project information and analytics through an online platform.

Interface Fluidics - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Stuart Kinnear, Tom de Haas

Interface Fluidics is an engineering laboratory services company specializing in microfluidic reservoir modelling and fluid characterization for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Oplii - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Johan Rothzen, Rob Pittman, Jessica Hallam

Oplii is an operations management system that uses mobile and cloud technology to connect the office and the oilfield. This turn-key software solution enables oil and gas producers to reduce capital expenditures and increase operational efficiency with an easy-to-use and comprehensive suite of tools for managing sites, structures, equipment, pipeline, asset integrity, projects, work orders and more – all under the same roof. And with one of the most innovative digital inspection solutions on the market, Oplii extends into remote offline areas, allowing field users to conduct inspections, log work orders and administer projects via
smartphone or tablet.

Spectralog - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Members: Yannai Segal, Michael Stevens

Spectralog is advancing the science and practice of resource recovery through hyperspectral technologies – high-resolution, big data that can solve the industry’s most challenging technical problems, such as where and how to drill for maximum resource recovery with the lowest environmental impact. Backed by decades of world-class research experience, and proprietary hardware and software, Spectralog provides clients with full-service hyperspectral data acquisition and interpretation to maximize E&P asset value while minimizing costs and risks.

Zeel - Calgary, AB (CAN)
Member: Todd Luker

Zeel is using software to disrupt the pipeline integrity world by putting inspectors on the ground at a lower cost, helping them gather more useful information and get their engineers back to the tasks that have the most impact. Zeel has listened to customers’ needs and goes beyond just regulations and focus on social license, return on investment and profitability.

Energy New Venture Competition 2015

What happens when 14 teams from across North America travel to Calgary to compete in the Hunter Centre's Energy New Venture Competition? A celebration of entrepreneurial energy.

This year's competition was split into two distinct streams. The concept stream featured 6 teams pitching new ideas that could revolutionize the energy industry, while the venture stream highlighted 8 seed-stage companies ready to take their ventures to the next level. So what teams emerged victorious? They all did - with new contacts made and opportunities explored. But only 6 teams walked away with the prizes…

2015 Concept stream winners

  1. AltaCarbon Inc.
  2. Illusense Inc.
  3. Jamii Power

2015 Venture stream winners

  1. Leankor
  2. Sustainable Power Systems
  3. SIX Safety Systems

2015 Concept stream competitors

AltaCarbon - Edmonton, AB (CAN)

AltaCarbon is a clean-tech manufacturing company that wants to clean the world using dirt. They are developing a patented platform process that can convert the main byproduct of the oil sands operation, petroleum coke, into a valuable filtration material called activated carbon. Activated carbon is used for applications from water treatment, air filtration, and mercury capture from flue gas emission to energy storage in ultra-capacitors.

Amiran Services Ltd. - Vancouver, BC (CAN)

Amiran Services Ltd. is a research company focused on the entire asset management framework for the energy industry: identification, valuation, inspection and condition assessment, life-cycle costing, deterioration and service life prediction, risk assessment and management, decision support systems, and investment and expenditure optimization. They offer research co-ordination and management services to companies who are in need of or interested in research of a particular gap/opportunity in their industry but do not have the resources to perform the research themselves or to manage the research given to universities.

Bitumen Bricks - Calgary, AB (CAN)

Bitumen Bricks has invented a technology to reversibly convert bitumen to a solid form so that it can be transported safely in gondola cars or shipping containers. This means that it can be shipped worldwide safely with none of the concerns of liquid transport. This technology has the potential to change the bitumen transport industry.

Illusense Inc. - Richmond, BC (CAN)

Illusense Inc. is a research and development company that is creating a high accuracy pipeline leak detection and leak prevention solution. They are designing imaging-based technology intended to be integrated with existing smart pipeline inspection gauges. For the end-user, the system provides more detailed information on the state of the pipeline, allowing pipeline operators to make more informed decisions. Illusense’s technology can provide cost savings for operators and help them achieve a higher standard of pipeline integrity.

Jamii Power - Logan Lake, BC (CAN)

Jamii Power, Swahili for Community Power, is in the business of laying the groundwork for providing sustainable and affordable 230V AC electricity to rural communities throughout Tanzania. Jamii Power has identified a key opportunity in resolving the practical day-to-day challenges faced by micro-utilities in trying to electrify isolated rural communities. These include electricity theft, manual revenue/cash collection, load control and operations management, which limit the ability of mini-grid developers to obtain financing, manage loads, scale and replicate mini-grid projects around Tanzania. Jamii Power is currently developing a low-cost smart mini-grid metering and management system that is designed specifically to address the needs of low-income and low-power consuming communities in Tanzania.

MASV Cloud Communications - Edmonton, AB (CAN)

MASV Cloud Communications is a technology startup that services the oil and gas industry. They have developed an efficient, intelligent and automated way to source oilfield equipment rentals and services. Their goal is to reduce downtime costs in the field for oil companies and to provide rental and service companies with new customers, thereby increasing their utilization rates.


2015 Venture stream competitors

EnerSoft - Calgary, AB (USA)

Enersoft’s vision is to improve the science and practice of geological modeling through software. Enersoft’s WellTools SaaS platform provides the energy industry advanced data hosting, visualization and analytics through a simple web interface. Enersoft’s products and services are deployed at some of Canada’s largest energy companies.

Enterra - Calgary, AB (CAN)

Enterra is radically changing the interface between environmental data and the industries that need to access it. They have developed a software application that creates desktop environmental reports in five to10 seconds, as opposed to the five to 10 hours it typically takes to write them, for less than half of the cost. Although the initial target market is the oil and gas industry, Enterra's application is applicable to all industries where environmental impact assessments are required.

Envio Systems - Calgary, AB (CAN)

Envio Systems has developed the world’s first Micro Building Automation System. A revolutionary new system that is scalable and capable of turning a building of any size into a Smart Building.

LeanKor - Calgary, AB (CAN)

LeanKor, a SaaS visual work management solution, targets an unmet need created by the nexus of two significant S-curves of innovation - one in business/organizational design and the other in touch/collaboration technology.

Luxmux Technology Corporation - Calgary, AB (CAN)

Luxmux Technology Corporation is a provider of high tech measurement instrumentation to the oil and gas industry. A pioneer of Silicon Nano-Photonic sensors for usage in the heavy oil industry in Canada, Luxmux is committed to raising environmental standards through the advancement of systems that enable the reduction of environmental impact. Their systems target industry priorities that reduce water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

SIX Safety Systems - Calgary, AB (CAN) 

SIX Safety Systems is passionate about reducing fit for duty risk and ensuring that our solutions generate a positive return on the investment made by our clients. Technology alone will not reduce the human and financial impact of drugs, alcohol and fatigue in the workplace. SIX Safety Systems' unique approach provides both an immediate impact on worker fit for duty risks and drives a cycle of continuous improvement. The worker fit for duty solutions provided by SIX Safety Systems are adaptable to any environment or industry. SIX Safety Systems' clients benefit from a talented team with over 100 years of safety and operations experience in mining, energy, construction and transportation.

Sponsor Energy - Calgary, AB (CAN) 

Sponsor Energy is an energy services company that profit-shares with local charities, such as homeless shelters, food banks, animal shelters and other community partners. Sponsor Energy customers can use their power for good by switching to Sponsor Energy as their energy provider and selecting the charity of their choice, which is then allocated 50 per cent of profits on their energy usage – at zero additional cost to them or to the charities.

Sustainable Power Systems, LLC - Boulder, CO (USA) 

Sustainable Power Systems, LLC delivers a Universal Microgrid Controller™ that combines and controls all forms of diverse power sources including but not limited to: wind, solar, batteries and diesel generation. The Universal Microgrid Controller™ addresses the technical challenges of microgrid deployment and operations, ensuring a microgrid is constantly operating at peak performance, while decreasing the costs and environmental impact associated with energy production. Sustainable Power Systems’s technology brings electricity to remote, off-grid communities such as islands and villages and addresses the worldwide trend toward distributed electricity production, where microgrids are required to provide grid reliability, stability and energy security.


Energy New Venture Competition 2014

In its launch year, the Energy New Venture Competition attracted close to 30 applications, and showcased 17 companies to an audience of over 150 members of the investment community and a panel of 6 esteemed judges in the final round of competition held at the incredible Bow building in downtown Calgary.

All 17 teams worked hard and improved their pitches and business models through the competition’s support and mentorship, offered through our co-sponsor, Innovate Calgary. The teams participated in a condensed version of Innovate Calgary’s unique “Innovator’s Toolkit.” Our winning team also had the opportunity to present on stage at the PROPEL Energy Forum in Calgary.

2014 Combined stream winners

  1. FREDsense
  3. ENVrecon

FREDsense - Calgary, AB (CAN)

FREDsense, for their technology to create biosensor solutions for use in water quality monitoring related to the oil and gas sector.

LUXMUX - Calgary, AB (CAN)

LUXMUX, for developing a Silicon Nano-photonic Fourier Transform Near Infrared Spectrometer on Chip (Nano-Spec™ FTNIR Chip) that enables real-time and accurate steam quality measurements for in-situ thermal heavy oil operations.

ENVrecon - Calgary, AB (CAN)

ENVrecon, for developing an environmental data software application that will take the process of creating a desktop environmental report, a five to 10 day turnaround for consultants, and make it a five to 10 second process for less than half of the current cost.