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Haskayne welcomes third GEeMBA cohort

An interview with this year’s recipient of the public sector grant
November 3, 2016

Haskayne’s first-of-its-kind Global Energy Executive MBA (GEeMBA) is a program for experienced professionals around the world in the energy industry to learn about the industry’s complex and evolving challenges. This fall, the third cohort will begin the 20 month program that will take them to six key energy centres around the globe. Among the students will be Keely Cameron, legal counsel for the Alberta Energy Regulator, this year’s recipient of a $70,000 public sector grant.

What kind of law do you practice?

I am legal counsel with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) and have been employed with the AER since 2011. I work on a wide variety of work, everything from contract review, hearings to corporate projects. More recently I have been focusing on bankruptcy and insolvency work and related litigation.

What are the business challenges you face as a lawyer and how do you see your GEeMBA education helping with your career?

The focus of the GEeMBA on evolving challenges will be extremely useful in assisting me in advising clients in my current role and as I hopefully move into a leadership position. The AER’s mandate is to ensure the safe, efficient, orderly and environmentally responsible development of hydrocarbon resources over their entire life cycle. As the industry evolves it will be important to ensure that this mandate continues to be upheld. In relation to my work, I am seeing the effects of the economy on energy development and the challenges arising as a result. Networking with my classmates from around the world will be valuable insight to how other jurisdictions have/are responding to similar challenges.

The GEeMBA will broaden my understanding of the energy sector, energy industry operations and the risk, challenges and opportunities.  It will also provide me with skills and tools to meet the future demands and challenges faced by the energy sector and a network of professionals that I can work with going forward.

How do you feel about being the recipient of this year’s Public Sector Grant?

I feel honoured to be selected for this grant and am extremely appreciative that they are willing to invest in me. I am always interested in learning and wanted to develop additional tools to better serve my clients and to help them adapt to changes in the industry. It will also help open doors for me and provide opportunities to potentially move into a leadership role which is part of my long term plan.  In terms of what I want to accomplish, I want to build my network, be exposed to alternative views and options and develop my skills and knowledge of the industry.

Tell me more about your interest in business.

My undergraduate degree is in business, so I have always found business to be fascinating. In my personal life I am a co-founder of a not for profit called the Calgary Greeters that connects visitors to Calgary with volunteer guides for an authentic experience of Calgary and I am the Chair of a charity called Breast Cancer Supportive Care. As part of my roles in both of these organizations my business background has come in handy. While not directly related to energy, I am confident that the skills I obtain through the GEeMBA will prove valuable for these roles.

Keely Cameron
Photo courtesy: Keely Cameron

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