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Management Information Systems


Dr. Barrie R. Nault is The David B. Robson Professor in Management (MIS), and director of the Informatics Research Centre (iRC) at the University of Calgary. Before moving to Calgary in 2001 he was on faculty at the Ohio State University, the University of California, and the University of Alberta. He received his Ph.D. in Management Information Systems at the University of British Columbia (1990). Dr. Nault was an Information Systems Department Editor for Management Science from 2004-07.

Dr. Nault teaches undergraduate introductory and MBA core Information Systems courses, as well as Ph.D. Courses in the Economics of Information Systems. He also teaches sessions on Strategic Information Systems in executive education programs.

Dr. Nault's current research is on tracing the value of IT, and on the macro effects of IT such as the interaction between IT and inflation. He also does research on ownership, incentives and investment in information systems used between organizations, work that studies how different partnerships can be made more effective by selecting methods to divide coalition gains. This work includes business-to-business electronic commerce, organization forms, industry structure, and has recently focused on information systems for advanced logistics. He also does research on technology introduction, adoption and conversion, examining when new technologies should be released and what incentives can be put in place to make them successful. His other research interests include public policy and the environment.

Part of his current research is on how information technology affects productivity directly and indirectly, through outsourcing, through complementarity with other capital and labor, through transaction costs, and through relationships along the supply chain. He also studies ownership, incentives, membership and investment in new organizational forms such as alliances, networks, virtual organizations, and supply chains. He has recently done work on versioning strategies for information goods, entry into e-commerce markets, third-party logistics, and in environmental incentives for new energy technology conversion. In addition, he studies the relationship between information technology and inflation, trade and productivity, understanding the ways information technology value is created and how it affects the macroeconomy.

Dr. Nault has published numerous articles in prestigious academic journals such as Information Systems Research; IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management; Journal of Money, Credit and Banking; Management Information Systems Quarterly; Management Science; Strategic Management Journal; Marketing Science; Journal of Monetary Economics; Organization Science. He has also written reports for the National Research Council, and has been invited to speak at numerous academic conferences and university colloquia series. He has held grants from the National Science Foundation in the United States as well as NSERC and SSHRC in Canada. He is a recent Department Editor for Management Science the most heavily cited academic journal in management. He also serves on the editorial boards of the IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, and Production and Operations Management, among others.

Journal Articles Since 2000
Refereed Journal Articles or Book Chapters:

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