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Personal Financial Planning (PFPL)

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Sat, 03/14/2015 - 11:14am

The Personal Financial Planning concentration is for students interested in meeting the demand for personal financial planning professionals. Financial planning professionals provide expertise to individual in matters related to taxes, investments, retirement, and estate planning. They use tools such as planned giving, life insurance, and wills to assist individuals who face complex challenges in achieving their financial goals.

Experts predict the greatest wealth transfer in history to occur in the next twenty years as baby boomers leave wealth to children and grandchildren. Also, the increasing percentage of the population heading into retirement has created an increased need for professionals who understand pension plans and personal wealth management. These forces have combined to cause more individuals and families to seek professionals for help in financial matters. In addition, practicing financial planners are themselves aging as a group and increasingly face situations where those with the skills and knowledge required to deliver service to clients may be invited to join an established practice.

Students declaring a Concentration must take a required six courses. Please refer to the University of Calgary Calendar for a description of these courses and their prerequisites.


Students must achieve a minimum grade of 'C' in:

  • FNCE 317
  • RMIN 317

Students must maintain a C- grade in all concentration courses
after above prerequisite course(s).

Nature of Work and Types of Jobs

Benefits Consultant

  • assist human resource departments of businesses to design and manage programs of group health insurance pensions and other employee benefits
  • market a corporation's employee base to potential providers of group insurance and pension services.

Financial Planner

  • help individuals and groups plan the use of their savings, income and investments
  • examine client's immediate and long- term financial situations
  • be familiar with legal restrictions and laws concerning retirement plans, tax shelters, insurance, and trusts

Positions Obtained by Recent Grads

  • Agent
  • Banking/Investment Manager Benefits Consultant
  • Broker
  • Financial Planner
  • Investment Advisor
  • Tax Planner

Student Club

Association for Risk Management and Insurance (ARMI)
Members of ARMI are provided with unique professional networking opportunities in risk management and insurance through social events that bring students together with program alumni and industry contacts. Benefits include speaker nights, exam review packages, and an annual career day that sees students job shadowing industry professionals. To learn more visit:


(403) 220-7167