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Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Sat, 03/14/2015 - 3:48pm

Co-op applications from Haskayne BComm students are accepted twice a year on May 1st and December 1st. Transfer students can apply to the Haskayne BComm Co-op Program upon application to the Haskayne School of Business or by May 1st.

Haskayne students should apply online by:

- Logging on to Haskayne Career Link

- Choose HSB Co-op on the left-hand menu

 - Apply according to your current concentration

Change of Program and Transfer students need to download this Application Form and deliver your application package to SH 346.

To apply to the Co-op Program, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  • A minimum GPA of 2.50*
  • Complete an application form
  • Submit a letter of intent
  • Submit a current résumé
  • Short listed applicants may be required to attend a group interview

The Haskayne School of Business has a quota on the number of students accepted into their Co-operative Education program. Admission will be competitive, based on the student's skills, attitude, experience, and academic record.

What is the cost of the Co-op Program?

Students admitted to the Haskayne Co-op Program are required to pay a $50 admission fee to confirm their position in the program. Course fees are assessed for each Co-operative Education course at the time the work-term/course is registered. 

The cost of a four month work term/course is available in the fees schedule in the University of Calgary Calendar.

Co-op Policies and Regulations

  • Students must start their first work term before they have completed over 30 half courses towards their BCOMM degree
  • A student must complete one work term outside of the spring/summer semester
  • A student can do back to back work terms (8 months in length) but cannot do all 3 work terms consecutively
  • A student should have completed 18 courses towards their degree before going out on their first work term
  • Students are allowed to take one evening or Saturday course during a work term
  • Students must complete an academic term after their last work term.  You may not end your Co-op Program on a work term
  • Students are required to submit a work term report at the end of each four month work term
  • Co-op students must maintain full-time status

*GPA requirements may increase with competition

Terms and Conditions for Haskayne Co-op Students

Academic Requirements - I understand and agree that:

      • I will abide by all Regulations and Requirements as outlined in the Academic Calendar and the Co-op Education Handbook
      • I will at all times be registered in either a full-time academic term or work-term
      • A leave of absence from the Co-op Program, including vacations and exchanges will be arranged in advance with the Academic Co-op Program Coordinator
      • The maximum length of any work term is eight-months and then I will return to school for at least one full-time academic semester before going out on another work-term
      • I will complete my first work-term or be actively searching for a work-term within one year of acceptance in the Co-op Program
      • I will complete my first work-term before I have completed more than 30 courses towards my degree
      • My rotation of work terms will end on an academic term

Job Applications, Interviews and Job Offers for Co-op Work Terms - I understand and agree that:

      • I am required to attend all Co-op workshops and seminars; if I am unable to attend a session I will communicate with my Career Consultant in advance
      • I must actively participate in the job search process, by applying to jobs and searching on my own
      • Upon acceptance of a job offer I will register my work term in the jobs database and advise my Career Consultant in the Haskayne Career Centre
      • I will respond to any email or phone call from the Career Centre in a timely manner, as I would treat any professional correspondence
      • Before refusing a job offer I will confer with my Career Consultant
      • If I apply to a position and am selected for an interview, I am required to go to the interview, unless I have already accepted another Co-op position
      • I will treat the acceptance of a job as a contract with the employer and will not renege
      • Work-term positions cannot be guaranteed

Work Term - I understand and agree that:

      • I am an ambassador of the Cooperative Education Program, of the Haskayne School of Business, and for my fellow students both current and future. I will conduct myself professionally at all times and in accordance with these terms and conditions
      • During my work terms, I shall give priority to my employment responsibilities and perform duties reasonably requested of me as long as they are legal and safe
      • I must notify my employer in advance should I be late or absent
      • I will submit all required assignments, such as the Learning Objectives and work term reports by the specified deadlines
      • I understand that resigning from a Co-op work term without permission from the Co-operative Education Program office will result in a failing grade for the work term and dismissal from the Haskayne School of Business Co-operative Education Program

Violation of any of the aforementioned points will be dealt with as follows:

      • First offence: a warning letter from the Haskayne Career Centre
      • Second offence: a meeting with your Career Consultant, followed by a second warning letter
      • Third offence: expulsion from the Co-operative Education Program

I have read the above terms and conditions of enrollment in the Co-operative Education Program and I agree to abide by them during my participation in the Program. I understand that failure to follow these terms and conditions may result in my expulsion from the program.