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Co-operative Education Program Information

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Thu, 03/26/2015 - 11:28am

The BComm Co-operative Education program (Co-op) lets you develop career-related experience before you graduate. You earn practical experience, develop a network of business contacts, and gain a better understanding of different career options in your field.

You must be a student in the Haskayne, Bachelor of Commerce (BCOMM) degree program to be eligible to apply to the Haskayne Co-op program.

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How Does Co-op Work?

The Co-operative Education Program is an optional supervised academic program that allows you to alternate in-school learning with work experience that is relevant to your academic studies. The Co-op Program will give you 12 to 16 months of paid full-time work experience before graduating in your chosen field.

By participating in the Co-op program you will…

      • Apply classroom knowledge & skill
      • Gain real-world experience
      • Discover Career Options
      • Develop your business network
      • Experience the job application & interview process
      • Gain a competitive edge through practical experience
      • Earn a full-time salary
      • Complete the program with a resume showing relevant work experience

Co-op lets you explore a number of different industries and geographic locations that can help you make informed decisions, from choosing a concentration to determining your first career. Over 85% of Co-op students are employed within 3 months of graduation.

Co-op Works!

More than ever, employers seek graduates who can "hit the ground running" and who require less time to adjust from school to work. Co-op provides you with practical experience, confidence and up-to-date business skills necessary to fit seamlessly into the business world after graduation.

Co-op lets students "earn while they learn." Students maintain financial independence as they approach graduation by working full-time during Co-op placements and earning full-time wages.

Co-op is so much more than “just a job”

Co-op provides you with relevant work experience but it also offers so much more.   As a Co-op student you will have access to the Co-op job database and you will work with your career consultant who will help you with your resume, cover letters, interview skills and job search strategies.  You will also set learning goals, have the opportunity to improve your presentation skills, have access to career self-assessment tools and attend workshops and industry events.  Work term placements often lead to permanent positions after graduation.  

The Co-op program does require commitment.  Each work term requires you to submit a performance evaluation that you have completed in conjunction with your supervisor, and complete and submit a work term report.

Work term reports allow you to reflect upon your experience and what you have learned.  They help you to discover yourself and define your likes, dislikes and preferences in a work environment as well compare classroom theory to work place practices.   Work term reports give you practice in business report writing, something that will often be required of you in your professional career.   Reports are marked by faculty and must be completed satisfactorily to meet the University of Calgary’s academic requirement to graduate with a Co-op designation.  

To graduate with a Co-op designation (which will show on your transcript and your parchment) you will need to complete three four-month work terms where you:

      • Have a successful site visit with your supervisor and your Career Advisor
      • Receive a successful evaluation on your performance evaluation and
      • Receive a successful mark on your work term report, and where required, on your group or individual presentation

As a newly admitted Co-op student you are required to

  • Attend a mandatory orientation, two Haskayne Career Centre workshops, and a minimum of two career events during the upcoming term.

We highly recommend that you attend the Practice Interview Program offered through the Haskayne Career Centre.

While on each work term you will be required to

      • Complete your online employment information
      • Complete your learning objectives
      • Complete your mid-term self-assessment*
      • Be available for check-ins with your Career Advisor
      • Submit your performance evaluation that has been completed by you and your supervisor
      • Write a work term report (may include oral presentations)

        *may vary depending on the work term

For more information please e-mail  |   Tel: 403.220.7533