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Diverse Cohort

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Wed, 02/24/2016 - 10:45am

The students in the Global Energy Executive MBA program represent top talent from major energy organizations from across the globe. They bring a diverse mix of functional and operational expertise from across energy value chains in gas, coal, oil, nuclear and renewable energy sources. 

Students are typically senior professionals with an average of 13 years’ of progressive experience in the energy industry. Having been identified as high potential leaders within their organizations, many students are currently or expect to be promoted to an executive level position within the next five years.

  • 13 years’ average work experience
  • 15% female and 85% male
  • Average age of participants is 39 years
  • 40-50% of participants are from outside of Canada, typically with representation from Asia-Pacific, sub-Saharan Africa and South/Central America
  • 90% of the class have undergraduate degrees, with engineering and business majors being most common
  • 40% of the class work for multi-national enterprise, 35% for large enterprise, 15% for government-owned enterprise and 10% for small / medium business
  • 30% of class work in general management, 30% in accounting / finance / planning, 20% in an operational function, 10% in HR and 10% in marketing / sales



Meet the Next Generation of Energy Leaders

Belgacem Charlag

Belgacem Charlag “The Global Energy Executive MBA program presents a unique setting and dynamic learning environment to develop a good understanding and appreciation of the energy system stakeholders, challenges and the impact on our society.

Three main features make the program unique: the topics addressed are energy-specific with relevant analysis of familiar and impactful cases; the modules are delivered in key energy related geographic locations capitalizing on the local and regional expertise; and, the participants’ background diversity and experience add an exceptional color to the discussion and group work. I have personally dedicated an important part of my busy schedule to the program. So far, the experience is unique and the reward is instantaneous."

President Global Products and Services
Baker Hughes Inc.

Sonya Kirby

Sonya Kirby "The Global Energy Executive MBA program provides a powerful set of modules and topical challenges facing our industry and specifically my company, today. It is a powerful, personal and professional development experience that integrates learning through a lens of current business issues facing the industry in conjunction with a lens of traditional management education.

It has been a fantastic opportunity to network, strengthen my leadership skills, as well as my commercial and business acumen while working with a team of colleagues facing similar challenges and opportunities in the energy industry.”

P. Eng, Asset Manager

Dan Lumma

Dan Lumma “The energy business is complicated and dynamic. Today’s industry leaders face an environment with rapidly changing technology, geopolitics, demographics, sustainability issues and increasing government regulation. The Global Energy Executive MBA program is very unique, and is designed to educate industry executives through direct exposure to a variety of perspectives, geographic regions and cultures. The result of this program is a deeper understanding of the industry, while also providing the business tools required to succeed.

I didn’t understand until I got into the program, how necessary it is to physically go to different locations and gain the perspectives of different viewpoints in the industry so that each of us can walk away with our own understanding of what we need to do as leaders in the business to take us to the next level."

Senior Vice-President
Kiewit Energy Group

Martin Mungai

Martin Mungai “If today I was looking for an MBA program in the energy sector, I would pick the GEEMBA program. It has been phenomenal. It has opened up my mind, it has prepared me to be the leader that I have always dreamt about and as a student from an emerging economy I think I am best equipped to take over bigger roles in my company and elsewhere all over the world."

Chief Accountant
The National Oil Corporation of Kenya

Drew Zieglgansberger

Drew Zieglgansberger "The Global Energy Executive MBA has been a great program for personal and professional development with a focus on the energy sector.

With the content of the program focused in all aspects of the energy industry at a global level, it provides profound value for participants who are looking to broaden their perspectives. The experience with the cohort and the interaction with the faculty have been extraordinary."

Senior Vice-President, Regulatory, Local Community & Military 
Cenovus Energy