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Program Structure

This MSc. is an unprecedented program designed for professionals and students who have an interest in or seeking a broad-based and comprehensive education focusing on sustainable energy. It is a combined offering through the Faculties of Graduate Studies, Business, Engineering, Law and Environmental Design. Upon completion, graduates leave equipped to effectively manage sustainable energy projects and operations, while minimizing the impact on the environment and maximizing the socio-economic benefits to society.

SEDV curriculum is delivered by recognized experts, leading academics and professionals from the associated faculties. This highly qualified group work together  to ensure the  courses are relevant and speak to current themes seen in today’s energy sector; it is this interdisciplinary blend that provides a unique experience for our graduate students.

Comprised of 14 half-courses structured over 16 months of full-time study (preferred), this program focuses on pertinent energy related content while providing a balance education in the areas of law, business, engineering and environmental design. The academic experience is enhanced by incorporating site visits and guest speakers to bridges the energy industry and our classroom, providing invaluable ‘real world’ context and broadening the perspectives of our students.

During the program, students will gain experience in:

  • Environmental components of energy projects
  • Environmental factors in energy development plans and strategies
  • Guidelines, policies and procedures for environmental protection in the energy industry
  • Environmental impact assessment and studies
  • Environmental audits in energy project development
  • Technical, economic and social assessments  of energy programs and projects within an environmental context
  • Cross-cultural/interdisciplinary projects

Although this is a course-based program and does not require a formal thesis, an interdisciplinary research project is required in one of our courses.


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