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Enbridge Centre for Corporate Sustainability

The Enbridge Centre for Corporate Sustainability focuses on advancing the science and practice of achieving the triple bottom line in business and policy. The ‘triple bottom line’ refers to decisions aimed at balancing – in a meaningful and transparent way – environmental, social and economic considerations.

Working to convert the theory of sustainability into business practice, the centre focuses on the belief that the environmental and social aspects of a company should not be considered an extraneous piece. Rather, it should be at the core of good business practice particularly when environmental and social issues are central to a company’s success.  

The centre enables graduate student and faculty research in corporate sustainability, funds post-doctoral fellows, facilitates the ConocoPhillips IRIS public seminar series, and supports the Enbridge Research in Action seminar series, which brings together influential researchers, practitioners and industry experts to discuss and disseminate leading-edge sustainability research.

The centre also sponsors two annual sustainability awards, recognizing student achievements in areas related to sustainability and the advancement of the triple bottom line.

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