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Enbridge Centre for Corporate Sustainability

The Enbridge Centre is pleased to announce a public service to our many viewers, a weekly blog on this website from Bob Page, our Director. Using his global links, he will bring information and analysis for your consideration from a wide variety of sources along with his own comments. The blog will be called the “Editorial Page” our apologies for the bad pun. The first blog will come on the collapse of the European carbon prices and their implications for North America.
I hope you will want to visit our website regularly for this and other information about activities at the Enbridge Centre. We hope with time we will have the means to allow you to respond with your own views. We wish to create a forum for public discussion and exchange about sustainability issues of concern to business, academia, and society. We would like your feedback as these plans get developed.
All best wishes as we launch our activities this spring.

Bob Page
The Enbridge Center for Corporate Sustainability


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