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IRIS promotes inter-faculty and interdisciplinary research projects on the strategic management of environmental and sustainable development issues relating to resource-based industries.

1. The Best Researchers

IRIS is research-driven and endeavours to retain a critical mass of PhD/graduate research students and active research-oriented faculty recruited from a wide range of disciplines across all areas of the Haskayne School of Business. Visiting scholars are sought out and recruited to spend time at the Institute doing research, teaching, and ensuring that the Institute remains at the cutting edge of the field.

Diversity of theoretical, methodological, and ideological perspectives is tolerated and encouraged in order to stimulate intellectual creativity, while contributing to the Institute's core vision. This results in the Institute being a significant player in the production of new knowledge in the area and a disseminator of knowledge in key outlets/venues.

2. Current Projects

Our focus is primarily on research into the management of ecologically and socially sensitive areas in Canada and the developing countries in which Canadian resource-based firms conduct operations.

Some projects are funded by government agencies such as the Social Science and Humanities Research Council or the Canadian International Development Agency. Others are supported by our community partners.

3. Collaborative Research

The Institute continues to play a role in collaborative research with industry into new models of managing sustainable development. The Institute's research recognizes the importance of private sector, public sector, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and voluntary initiatives undertaken in democratic market-driven economies.

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International Resources Industries and Sustainability Centre (IRIS)