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Real Estate Research

The Westman Centre’s mandate includes linking global real estate and urban economics research to the Calgary marketplace, to make contributions to scholarly knowledge, and to translate such knowledge into practical applications. Canada must increase its efforts to create effective knowledge necessary for strategic decisions in the realm of real estate that will impact sustainability of the industry, our cities, and society for future generations. The Westman Centre has developed a research program specifically aimed at bridging this gap by becoming a knowledge hub, capturing ideas, connecting people and disseminating information. Ultimately, these efforts will help to guide business professionals and policy makers, making the Westman Centre a recognized centre of excellence in real estate studies.

Outreach to industry and the community are primary to our research program which includes workshops, seminars and speaking events to design research projects and disseminate findings. Close links with industry, government departments, and the non-profit sector continue to be forged. The Westman Centre is also engaging with experts involved in commercial and mixed-use projects to identify the business decisions and market factors that are most relevant to today’s operating environment. Our primary research projects and literature reviews explore the rationale behind investment decisions, site selection, building design, and other variables to inform case studies and understand best practices.