Engaged Management Scholarship Conference 2023

Conference Details

Engaged Management Scholarship Conference 2023
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
September 7 - 9, 2023

Reimagining the future of business through engaged management scholarship

Business plays a critical role in achieving the prosperity of our economies and our communities. However, a turbulent global environment is creating new challenges – and for the visionary, new opportunities. Change is happening faster than ever as the global pandemic created a catalyst to advance the 4th Industrial Revolution technologies. We are entering a fiercely competitive global environment, in which we must build bold paths and empathetic scaffolding to a digital era. Yet, at the same time, we must simultaneously navigate the escalating challenges of political polarization, economic nationalism, populism, collapsing supply chains, wars, climate instability and rising uncertainty – as well as immediate concerns of a potential recession. It is time for businesses to step up to the challenge of providing global leadership. How can we adapt to these changes? How can we work together to create a stronger, more united global socio-economic landscape? Today, as never before, the world needs bold leadership and courageous leaders. Engaged management scholarship is crucial on this path, helping the current leaders to achieve their best and to nurture the future ones. As such, we are challenging all scholar practitioners to engage in meaningful reimagining of the future of business through rigorous engaged research. EMS-2023 conference should become a practice- and business-oriented summit aimed at preparing established businesses to thrive on turbulence and disruption in the global marketplace. We seek effective ways to drive prosperity, health, and wealth for our communities through evidence-based management advice.

Key questions of this year's conference are: How prepared are we to address the escalating global issues that will demand our attention? What can leaders do to create prosperity for our companies, industries, and regions? What is under individual control, and where should the companies and nations work collectively? How can we help the governments in driving our economies and societal wellbeing? What is the role of public and non-profit players in the future of business?

Given that Engaged Scholarship is a participatory form of research for studying complex real-world problems based on the different perspectives and understandings of key stakeholders, its evidence-based insights have the potential to shape the future of business by equipping the leaders with the necessary tools for creating social and economic value.

Following the success of prior EDBAC summits, the EMS 2023 conference will be hosted in a hybrid format (both in person and online) by the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Meet the Committee

2023 EMS Conference Committee Members are:

  1. Conference Chair:
    • Oleks Osiyevskyy (University of Calgary) | Email
  2. Awards Chair:
    • John Mooney (Pepperdine University)
  3. Doctoral Consortium Co-Chairs:
    • Bart Cambré (Antwerp Management School) | Email
    • Mohammad Keyhani (University of Calgary) | Email
    • Michelle Mielly (Grenoble Ecole de Management) | Email
  4. Paper Session Co-Chairs
    • Oli Mihalache (Athabasca University)
    • Oleks Osiyevskyy (University of Calgary) | Email
  5. Poster Session Co-Chairs:
    • Philip Cola (Case Western Reserve University) | Email
    • Joshua Gerlick (Case Western Reserve University) | Email
  6. Alumni Track Co-Chairs:
    • Jeanette Miller (Pennsylvania State University) | Email
    • Kanwal Bokhari (University of Calgary) | Email