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Business Ethics

Research, Discussion, Courses and Programs on Business Ethics

Ethics Scholars Working Group

The Ethics Scholars Working Group is a team of leading scholars fostering new research in business ethics and advancing ethical thinking. This team seeks to inspire students, faculty, and community members to think more critically and creatively about core ethical business principles through the Ethical Leadership in Business Speaker Series.

Ethics Speaker Series

The Ethical Leadership in Business Speaker Series provides students the opportunity to engage with leading ethics scholars and to dive deeper into core ethical concepts on a more critical level. The series focuses on the multiple perspectives of business ethics, with each of the speakers bringing their own unique approach and differing views.

The speakers in the series are drawn from the Ethics Scholars Working Group. See above for more information on each speaker.

For those interested in learning more about business ethics, follow the link to ethics articles and announcements in the CCAL monthly newsletter.

Haskayne Business Ethics Courses

CCAL works to provide research-based business ethics curricula in several Haskayne courses for both Bacherlor of Commerce and Master of Management students.

Corporate Governance & Ethical Decision Making

Develop an increased awareness of the importance of corporate governance systems and strong financial decision making systems in developing effective business enterprises. Specific emphasis on the resolution of agency problems, the role of the board of directors, compensation systems and financial modelling.


Ethical Leadership

Students will develop skills in applying a variety of different ethics frameworks to problems and an understanding of when various frameworks are most applicable. Critical thinking skills will be honed using cases, readings, class discussions and written opinion. Leadership theories, including gender and cultural influences, will be covered. Students will be able to identify components of their leadership styles in self and others. Tools to operationalize ethical choices will be provided. Students will witness and experience leadership as it progresses from individual to team to organizational to community levels.


Integrated Decision Making

As part of the Haskayne Master of Management program, students participate in a weeklong intensive ethics capstone project. The project involves lectures and case studies involving a specific industry, working alongside current industry professionals. Previous case studies include Westjet and ATB Financial as representatives of the tourism and finance sectors.

CCAL has partnered with the MMgmt program in providing lecturers and programming with a focus on business ethics. CCAL Fellows Dr. David Dick, Dr. Cari Din and Jamie Clarke are past contributors to this capstone course.

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