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Centre for Corporate Sustainability (CCS)

Thanks to the generous donations from our sponsors, the Centre for Corporate Sustainability currently hosts two seminar series through the academic year.

The Enbridge Research-in-Action Seminar Series

The Enbridge Research-in-Action Seminar Series

Held at least four times each year, the Enbridge Research-in-Action Seminar Series brings together influential researchers, practitioners and industry experts to discuss and disseminate leading-edge sustainability research in Canada and abroad. The timing of these seminars will coincide with the academic year at the University of Calgary, with seminars occurring in the autumn and winter terms.

Upcoming Seminars*

Innovation, fear and path to deployment: Thoughts for heavy oil and oil sands

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Innovating for economic and environmental outcomes is critical in the oil and gas industry. There are challenges finding and implementing strategic new processes to improve business performance, for example, reducing water usage, carbon dioxide emissions and new products. While solutions are being discovered, the pace of adaptation and commercialization by industry can be accelerated.

This latest Enbridge Research in Action (ERIA) Seminar will feature guest speaker, Dr. Ian D. Gates, PhD, where he will provide insights and guidance for business leaders to improve the implementation of innovations into tangible commercial opportunities. Attendees will learn a model that incorporates factors including: the culture of an organization, active support for innovation, the urgency for a solution and the costs of not finding a solution. Learn how to more effectively implement innovation initiatives and create value for your company by learning this model, illustrated by innovations to enable hydrogen generation within a reservoir.

*dates and speakers are subject to change, event registration opens approximately 2-4 weeks prior to the event.