Mitacs Business Strategy Internship program

Mitacs Business Strategy Internship (MBSI) program


Haskayne School of Business has partnered with Mitacs to offer the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship (MBSI) program. The program will award $10,000-15,000 of funding to each interested and eligible undergraduate and graduate student selected to undertake an innovation project (4-month full-time or 6-month part-time) with a business or a municipality. The partner organization will contribute $5,000-7,500 (plus applicable taxes) and Mitacs will contribute the remaining $5,000-7,500.

Students will complete innovation-based projects aimed at improving products and services, processes, or the organization as a whole, while gaining hands-on experience and contributing to the business landscape. 

Program goals

Real world experience

Provide students with the opportunity to apply their skills and business acumen to real-world experiential learning opportunities, while expanding their networks within the business community.

Support our community

Provide support to businesses and non-profit organizations who need additional assistance to adapt to the new economic reality.


Build and strengthen connections and collaborations between the Haskayne School of Business and our community.

Information for students

Information for students

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