Energy & Professional Land Management (EPLM)

BComm Concentrations

The Haskayne School of Business offers a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a concentration in Energy & Professional Land Management that prepares graduates for careers in the Canadian oil and gas industry. This is the only such concentration in Canada and one of only 11 in the world.

Because Canadian oil and gas leases are primarily on government (crown) lands, rather than on freehold (farm) land as in the United States, the EPLM courses have been carefully constructed for Canadian content.

The EPLM concentration includes admission to the Bachelor of Commerce program, 54 units, and BSEN 395 as prerequisites for the EPLM courses. There are three available streams in this concentration, the Professional Land Management stream, the Energy Management stream, and a combination of the two streams.

Two third-year courses, which are a requirement for all EPLM streams, are offered in the fall term. These are PLMA 475 (Introduction to Professional Land Management), and ENEE 355 (Energy and Environment Engineering) along with related software and tutorials. A third required EPLM concentration course is PLMA 583 (Management of Energy Regulation) and can be taken in the fall semester of either the third-year or fourth-year, and requires BSEN 395 (Business Law) as a pre-requisite.

The other three required courses in the Professional Land Management stream are PLMA 573 (Energy Business Agreements), PLMA 579 (Professional Land Management Policy) and PLMA 587 (Cases in Professional Land Management).

The other three required courses in the Energy Management stream are ENMG 301 (Energy Regulation), ENMG 403 (Overview of the Alberta Oil & Gas Industry), and ENMG 489 (International Energy Development).

Possible additional (maximum 6) recommended electives for either stream include the required courses from the alternate stream, as well as ENMG 485 (Oil & Gas Marketing), ENMG 487 (Energy Risk Management), ECON 327 (Petroleum Economics), ECON 329 (Electricity Markets), and BSEN 517 (Indigenous People & Sustainable Development).

Students are advised that each of the Energy & Professional Land Management courses are offered only once in each academic calendar year.

Experienced industry specialists teach many EPLM courses in the evenings. The American Association of Professional Landmen and/or the Canadian Association of Petroleum Landmen may award scholarships to EPLM students.

Students declaring a Concentration must take a required six courses. Please refer to theUniversity of Calgary Calendar for a description of these courses and their prerequisites.

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Applying for the EPLM Concentration

All students interested in applying should contact Rebecca Losier, the Administrative Assistant for the Energy & Professional Land Management concentration, in the Haskayne School of Business, Scurfield Hall 435.


Phone: 403.220.3373

  • Continuing students already in the BComm degree (wishing to change concentration) should fill out the “Change to ProgramMulti-Form”, and drop it off at the Undergrad Office (SH 343) or scan/email it to them at
  • Students who already have an undergraduate degree may qualify to take the EPLM concentration courses.
  • No formal interview or additional documents are required

Junior Landman

  • confirm land ownership and availability for purchase
  • negotiate agreements with land owners
  • draft and administer contracts
  • ensure compliance with regulations

Lease Negotiator

  • coordinate lease transactions
  • conduct site surveys and provide recommendations
  • perform lease negotiations for lease renewals, new locations, expansions, and buy-outs
  • Consultant
  • Contracts Analyst
  • Contracts and New Ventures Analyst
  • Junior Landmen
  • Junior Land Negotiator
  • Land Analyst
  • Land Assistant
  • Land Consultant
  • Land Data Entry/Administration
  • Mineral Landmen
  • Negotiating Landmen
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Other entry-level positions with energy companies