Registration FAQs

Haskayne Executive Education

Q.   How do I register for a course?

Please visit our website and click on the program of interest. Proceed to select the register button, which will direct you to the appropriate registration page.

Q.   What are the admission requirements for attending a Haskayne Executive Education program?

Registration for Executive Education is accepted on a rolling basis. For program-specific details, see 'Who will benefit' on each program page.

There are no specific pre-requisites for Executive Education programs. We do not require that you take the GMAT or other exams in order to apply to or qualify for Executive Education programs. A minimum of a senior high school diploma and relevant work experience is recommended for most programs, however, we encourage you to discuss your situation and needs with an Executive Education team member or contact us at

Q.   What is a UCID?

Your UCID number is your unique University of Calgary Identification Number and is used within Destiny One as your User Name. When registering with Destiny One for the first time, you will be assigned a temporary User Name which will allow you to complete your transaction. This temporary UCID will begin with an "X" followed by 5 numbers and can be used until you receive your official University of Calgary identification (UCID). You will receive a University of Calgary identification (UCID) number within two (2) business days of your initial setup (If you are a student, staff, faculty or alumni this may, but not necessarily, correspond with your current University of Calgary ID).

If you are a UCalgary student, faculty or staff member, or an alum, please register for a Destiny One account following the same steps as outlined above.

Q.   I forgot my UCID or “X” ID number.

To have your UCID or “X” ID number emailed to you:

  • Either during course registration or within the Haskayne Executive Education Destiny One Login Page, click “Forgot UCID”
  • You will be prompted to enter in the email address with which you originally registered
  • You will receive an email from the university with your UCID. If you have not yet been assigned a UCID, it will be your "X" User Name. This email will be sent to the address you entered during initial account creation

Q.   I currently use my UCID for other University of Calgary systems, is this the same UCID number and Password?

When creating a Destiny One account, we will try to match up your Destiny One UCID to the one that you are using in other university systems. If you have been assigned a UCID in Destiny One that is different from your current UCID, please email to update your account.
Your Destiny One password is different from other University of Calgary systems. You will be prompted to create an account and password the first time you register for a Haskayne Executive program using Destiny One.

University of Calgary Password Guidelines

  • 8 characters long
  • Contains a lower case letter
  • Contains a upper case letter
  • Contains a digit
  • Contains a special character
  • Does not contain " ' - $ / \ ` or space
  • Cannot contain your user name, first name or last name

Q.   What is Destiny One and why are we using it for our programs (open enrolment)?

Haskayne Executive Education continuously works to provide you with the highest quality services. To support this, we are moving to a new, more robust registration tool, Destiny One, on July 2, 2019. This new tool will provide you with a Destiny One account that allows you to view your Haskayne Executive Education open enrolment programs, including currently registered programs; programs registered post July 2, 2019 and program schedule.

Over the next few months, we will be transitioning from our current system (ePly) to Destiny One. When registering for programs, you may be directed to either of these systems. We plan to be fully transitioned to Destiny One for our open enrolment programs beginning January 2020.

Please contact us at if you have any questions

Q.   I tried creating a new Destiny One account and I received the message that it has already found an existing record with my email address, how do I find out my User Name and Password?

On the registration site, under the “I have a Destiny One account already”:
1. For your User Name: Click on Forgot UCID, you will be prompted for your email address. Type your Email address and click Continue.
2. For your Password: Click Forgot Password, you will be prompted for your UCID. Type your 8 digit (including “0’s”) and click Continue.

Reminder: Your Destiny One account password is different from other University of Calgary systems.

Q.   I have logged into Destiny One and looked at My Account. I see course history and information from other areas of the University, why is that?

The Destiny One tool is used in multiple areas within the University of Calgary for Professional development learners; these include Social Work, CME&PD, Continuing Education and Conference and Event Services. Your account would provide you a view into any programs or events you have registered in using Destiny One within the University of Calgary.

Q.   Do I need to create a new Destiny One account every time I register for a Haskayne Executive Education program?

You will only need to create an account the first time you register for a Haskayne Executive Education programs. Once you have created an account, you can use the same UCID (user name) and password to register for subsequent Haskayne Executive Education program. If you have previously registered for a University of Calgary course or event through Destiny One, simply login using the same login information. 

Q.   I forgot my Destiny One Password.

To reset your password:

  • Either during course registration or within the Haskayne Executive Education Destiny One Login Page, click on "Forgot Password"
  • You will be prompted to enter in your UCID
  • You will receive an email from the university with your temporary password, this email will be sent to the address you entered during initial account creation

Q.   Where can I find out more information on the Canada Alberta Job Grant and if I can use it for my Haskayne Executive Education Programs?

Please go to our Canada Alberta Job Grant information page.

Q.   How do I pay for a course? (What are my payment options?) 

To register and pay for a course, please go to our registration site here and accept all major credit cards online.  Need to pay by other methods?  Please contact

Q.   Do we offer special group rates?

If you would like to register a group (three or more people) from your organization for the same program, please contact for a preferred rate.

Q.   How do I get my income tax receipt (T2202A)

T2202 income tax receipts for eligible non-credit courses are available for download through your account.

  1. Log in to Haskayne Executive Education Destiny One.
  2. Choose T2202 Receipt from the menu.
  3. Select the desired tax year; Click Print Tax Receipt.

Q.   What is blended learning? How do I prepare for a blended learning program?

Haskayne Executive Education strives to offer a variety of teaching methods to ensure we provide a fulsome training experience for all our learners.  One of these methods, “Blended” learning, is a combination of face-to-face delivery and online course activities delivered over our e-learning platform to maximise impact of your development and gain real traction back in your workplace. The networking, community building and personal interaction of a face-to-face experience is complemented by the asynchronous reflection, individual exploration and digitally-enhanced learning.

Haskayne Executive programs are designed to create value to both you and your organizations through the kind of “sticky learning” that is only achieved through “longitudinal,” blended, experiential learning journey. To ensure maximum impact, our programs are interactive, learning-centric, developmental learning experiences that integrate blended learning delivered over a period of time (spaced-learning).

Q.   How do I login to D2L?

If you are registered for a program using the D2L system, you will receive an email with D2L login instructions. For more information or if you have not received the email prior to your program start (within 1 weeks), please contact

Q.   I have registered for a Haskayne Executive Education Program, but are unable to attend, what should I do?

Please contact