Entrepreneurship Essentials

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Entrepreneurship Essentials are necessities for business owners and operators

When you are attempting to make all aspects of your business work, how are you able to focus on the long-term? The Entrepreneurial Essentials program was designed to address this challenge. This program will equip you with the essentials - one of the best investments you can make as an entrepreneur.

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Schedule: TBD

Program Delivery: Blended

Location: University of Calgary Downtown Campus

Commitment: 50 hours

Investment: Please contact for price details. execed@haskayne.ucalgary.ca

Entrepreneurs are resilient leaders who have taken the step to follow a business dream while making a difference through job creation, economic stimulus, and driving innovation. These leaders face a host of challenges which are demanding and require full-time dedication. Entrepreneurs must not only focus on the day-to-day activities of the venture such as leading employees, managing finances and risk, and remaining competitive, but are also challenged to create a long-term strategy and have a clear vision for the business.

This program is led by Haskayne’s most experienced entrepreneurial faculty, the program will allow you to explore the multi-facets of your business and help you realize how to further your entrepreneurial dream. This is your opportunity to step away from your business, review your organization with a strategic lens and execute a project to improve your business for the long-term. 

This program offers experiential learning and unique content that is tailored to meet your needs as an entrepreneur:

  • Expanded network – build a business network in a dynamic learning environment with peer-to-peer insights from other like-minded leaders
  • Convenient scheduling – program dates are spaced over six months with virtual components to fit your busy schedule - allowing you to stay connected to your business
  • Relevant to your business – Develop your business promise through a real-world project that addresses one of your biggest challenges
  • Mentorship support – execute your project with the guidance of a highly experienced Haskayne faculty mentor
  • Private meeting/office spaces – our purpose built Executive Education facilities offer private office and meeting space for you to stay connected to your business during class day
  • Owners and operators of small to medium sized enterprises
  • Family businesses

Derek Hassay, PhD
Derek is the RBC Teaching Professor of Entrepreneurial Thinking at the Haskayne School of Business. An award-winning instructor, active
small business and corporate advisor and academic program director, Derek’s passion is teaching and research at the interface between Entrepreneurship and Marketing.