Strengthening Mental Toughness and Resilience

Haskayne Executive Education

Schedule: TBD

Program Delivery: Blended 

Location: University of Calgary Downtown Campus

Commitment: 42 hours

Investment: $3,750

There are countless lists describing what leaders need to be successful in the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous (VUCA) world. However, the challenge that exists is how to build personal leadership practices to navigate the more cognitively and behaviourally complex leadership activities. This blended learning journey is designed to be a process of framing perspectives as well as, building on experiential activities, meaningful dialogue, and deep reflections. The aim of this program is to support you to develop mental toughness by guiding you through elements of a mental toughness framework and practically applying (experimenting) with results-oriented tools.

  • Solidify your leadership philosophy and
  • Establish practices that strengthen your mental toughness and resilience by:
    • Experimenting with new ways of thinking and acting
    • Challenging your assumptions through “micro-experiments”
    • Leaning into (and moving through) the discomfort and resistance
  • Do you struggle implementing your leadership plan?
  • Do you need help translating the “how’s” of leadership into daily habits?
  • Do you avoid moving outside your comfort zone and taking action?
  • Do you replay negative situations, which only isolates you, while the world moves forward?
  • Do you recognize patterns of anxiety that negatively impact your thinking?
  • Do you find it difficult to navigate change?

Sloane Dugan, PhD, has taught at the Haskayne School of Business since 1980. He retired as an Associate Professor in the Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources area in 2013. However, he is still activity involved teaching several courses each year. He received his degrees from Syracuse University: BSc in Business Statistics, MA in Higher Education, and PhD in Organizational Behaviour and Change.

Sloane is passionate about translating the “how’s” of leadership into daily habits and how strengthening mental toughness helps leaders navigate through complexity. Sloane created the Mental Toughness Framework which has become a practitioner tested path and system that enables leaders to break through barriers holding them back. Previously, his research activities focused on the action research process with persons, teams, organizations, and communities in North America, Asia and Europe. This research examined how the action research approach enabled them to create a vision of a good quality of life for themselves, marshal the resources necessary to pursue this vision, and develop the attitudes and skills necessary to move toward their vision.

Sloane worked as a teacher/community developer in the U.S. Peace Corps in Nepal and then served as a regional director of the Peace Corps for all development activities in Eastern Nepal from 1964 to 1969. He then taught practitioner-oriented programs at Syracuse University in Syracuse, the University of Kansas and the Ottawa University. Sloane was involved in UCalgary’s international development activities in Nepal, Thailand and in Bhutan for a decade. During the project’s initial three years, he acted as Canadian team leader and advisor to the Nepali Project Director in Nepal.

Since 1995, Sloane Dugan’s interests have shifted from international development in Asia to coaching and leadership development activities in Calgary and Europe. He has taught leadership and change courses in Haskayne’s Executive MBA Program. He has acted as a trainer and coach with programs offered by the International Institute for Management Development in Lausanne, Switzerland and in other countries in Europe.