Academic Curriculum

Haskayne Accelerated MBA

The Haskayne MBA program aims to transform Canada’s business landscape by enabling our students to make significant contributions as individuals, and as leaders.

The Haskayne accelerated MBA curriculum is tailored to early- to mid-career professionals who wish to strengthen their business aptitude and explore a range of career options.

This option is specifically designed for business graduates, taking into account their existing business acumen, and allows for a deeper dive into areas of particular interest.

The Haskayne accelerated MBA is comprised of 11 courses in total, of which 3 are required for all students and 8 of which are electives (scheduling of courses to semesters is subject to change without notice).

Required courses include:

  • ENTI 601: Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • MGST 715: Strategic Business Analysis
  • OBHR 721: Advanced Leadership

Electives are critical in exploring new areas of interest and development.

Evaluating Environmental Performance
In this course, participants learn how to monitor, control, measure and report environmental impacts. In addition to a general overview of sustainability, major topics include external reporting, internal planning, control of costs and market incentives and regulation.

Business Negotiations
The major concepts and theories of negotiation; the dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup conflict; analysis of negotiation strategies and individuals styles. Application to a broad range of business negotiations. Use of simulations and written assignments.

Global Energy Finance & Accounting
Problems related to evaluating and financing energy enterprises. Financial and accounting principles applied to valuing and financing energy projects. Financial report, managerial control systems, theory of financing, valuation, and deal structuring. Focus on private sector energy enterprises.

International Marketing
Design and implementation of marketing strategies across countries. Focuses on the global marketing environment and decision issues on foreign market entry, local marketing and global management of marketing activities.


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