Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action Summer Camp

Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action Summer Camp

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (HCEI)

Summer Camps 2022

Conventional wisdom tells us that only a select few are born with the skills to think entrepreneurially; and that only those people create truly great ideas that change the world. But what if we could teach those abilities to all students?​

Traits that entrepreneurs have in common include being resilient in uncertain environments, learning from failure, being empathetic to other peopleʼs needs, being creative and making do with limited resources, and being able to concisely and convincingly explain their ideas. And those traits are all teachable, in the same way that science is taught to all students.​

We need to prepare the next generation of leaders to succeed in a rapidly changing world. We welcome all dreamers, bridge builders, storytellers, experimenters, and problem solvers to discover their inner innovator at our Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action Summer Camp!​


The Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action Camp draws on leading edge practices in curriculum development​
to deliver a transformational learning experience for students in grades 9 ‒ 12. Over the five days, students will work in teams to develop their own new venture or social enterprise under the mentorship and guidance​
of University of Calgary instructors, students and alumni.​

Our experiential camp will teach our future leaders how to identify opportunities for innovation, understand customer value, develop a new venture or social enterprise business concept and pitch ideas to a panel of entrepreneurial leaders from our business community.

Participants can expect to...​

  • Learn how to identify new opportunities and research problem solving solutions with the support of entrepreneurial experts​

  • Practice teamwork, collaboration and empathy as they work through complex challenges​

  • Develop traits such as curiosity, creativity, agility, adaptation, accountability, resiliency, and leadership​

  • Network with business community members and student leaders from Red Deer and Calgary​

  • Explore emerging trends and opportunities related to their future careers​

  • Discover their ability to become entrepreneurial leaders and changemakers who make a positive impact on the world​

  • Explore the broad application of entrepreneurial skills beyond starting a business​

  • Receive a lifelong memory that will change the course of their future

Camp Highlights

  • Unique interactive activities: Our team has designed a number of exciting experiences for our camp participants to learn and collaborate. Whether it’s rapidly brainstorming new business ideas in an hour, solving real work problems with entrepreneurs, or judging a real pitch contest, students will never face a dull moment!

  • Inspiring curriculum and instructors: The camp is designed by two serial entrepreneurs who are leading the entrepreneurial thinking movement on campus and across Calgary. Entrepreneurship instructors from the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will be supported by a team of talented student entrepreneurs from the University of Calgary.

  • Working with experienced entrepreneurs: In both camps students will work with entrepreneurs on a wide variety of real business problems, getting feedback from both entrepreneurs and camp instructors.

Questions and inquiries can be sent to hunter.centre@haskayne.ucalgary.ca

We are very grateful to partnering organizations who work with us to make these camps a success.

Ten Peaks Innovative Alliance

Inspiring students to dream more, learn more and be more is part of our commitment at Ten Peaks Innovation Alliance. Dreaming and learning starts at a young age and we want to be part of that experience!

There is a significant lack of information about innovation and sustainability efforts taking place in the energy sector. Ten Peaks will engage, educate and inspire learners through high quality learning opportunities at conferences, workshops and summer camps.

You have an opportunity to choose what kind of impact you want to have on the future of our environment, climate and our relationship with energy. You are innovators, entrepreneurs and big thinkers. We are here to support you on that journey.

Together with our partners at Alberta Innovates and the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we will all find a deeper understanding of the relationships between energy, our environment and climate.

Ten Peaks

Innovate Canmore

Innovate Canmore supports the development of new start-up entrepreneurial talent to create innovative technology products and market-driven companies translating science and technology innovation into commercial success in Canmore and the Bow Valley. To this end, they offer support to local young entrepreneurs in a variety of workshops, including Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action.


Innovate Canmore will host an online, condensed version of the ETIA camp the week of July 18th to 22nd, 2022. Registration will be coming soon!

Innovate Canmore

Testimonials from past participants

While the course has moved online, the spirit of the camp is the same. Read on to see what past participants thought about the camp:

 "The best part of camp was the sudden, sharp realization, that hey - I can do this too. I can build a business, I can learn new technologies, and I can help bring exciting change to the future. The camp helped demystify the entrepreneurial process and inspired me to get started on my own. Three months later, I published my first app - guided by the design thinking processes we learned!" 

Colin, 14

“The Entrepreneurial Thinking Camp helped me learn not only what I need to do if I want to start a business, but how I need to think. Hearing real pitch ideas put my thinking to the test, and then hearing what actually happened with those projects sparked more ideas.  I think it was great how Haskayne was so creative to move the camp completely online because of COVID-19. It made my summer definitely more interesting.”

Ethan, 15

“This course was a wonderful opportunity for those like myself who have no real experience or education in the world of business and entrepreneurship. Learning about the creative design process of creating, marketing and selling a product from scratch was completely new to me and I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Hosted by a knowledgeable and insightful team who can provide meaningful feedback made it all the better.”

Pierre, 18

"The guest speakers were clear and their views / insights made sense. Their ideas had a profound impact and resonated with me."

Emelie, 15