Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action Summer Camp

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (HCEI)

Summer camp moves online!

The core values of entrepreneurial thinking – problem solving skills, being creative and resilience in uncertain environments – guide us to find new ways to support students and reach out to our community. We regularly ask students in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI) classes, should they persevere, pivot or abandon? At this time, we choose to pivot and move our summer camp online this summer.

The Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action Camp offers a unique hands-on learning experience for students entering grades nine through twelve. We help participants develop their entrepreneurial leadership by delivering unique online experiences that will activate their creativity, build their confidence, advance their teamwork, and grow personal resilience. Why? Because students need to learn how to succeed in a world that is rapidly changing. Today's world requires new leaders who can discover insightful solutions to complex problems.

With Haskayne instructors and students, we offer curriculum and instructors online. Over the coursedeveloped by Haskayne instructors and students, participants will learn what it takes to create a successful start-up. Students will start with a problem and, in groups, will come up with a business venture solution to meet the needs of that problem. Students will use their ideas and other award-winning ventures created by Haskayne students to develop an understanding and foster a passion for entrepreneurial thinking content and skills. Participants will work with experienced mentors, entrepreneurial students, and local entrepreneurs to guide them through the process of identifying and evaluating viable business solutions to a variety of problems.  

Questions and inquiries can be sent to hunter.centre@haskayne.ucalgary.ca

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Camp Highlights

  • Unique online activities: Our team has designed a number of exciting experiences for our camp participants to learn and collaborate online. Whether it’s rapidly brainstorming new business ideas in an hour, solving real work problems with entrepreneurs, or judging a real pitch contest, students will never face a dull moment!
  • Inspiring curriculum and instructors: The camp is designed by two serial entrepreneurs who are leading the entrepreneurial thinking movement on campus and across Calgary. Entrepreneurship instructors from the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation will be supported by a team of talented student entrepreneurs from the University of Calgary.
  • Judging a university student pitch contest: Students will apply their learning to judge a set of university-level business ideas! The winner of the contest will then join the students to share their progress, helping participants understand what it takes to be a student-entrepreneur.



  • Day One: Students will create ventures that solve intriguing problems in a highly engaging, fast-paced learning experience.
  • Day Two: Students will learn about the Lean Canvas Model, an essential business tool, in order to evaluate their own ideas. This will include business elements including value proposition, business model, early adopters, and customer segment.
  • Day Three: Students will apply concepts of bootstrapping, available means and failing forward to their own ideas and Haskayne student business ventures.
  • Day Four: Students will demonstrate their learning by judging a set of Haskayne Business Student ideas, providing their thoughts and feedback.
  • Day Five: The camp will close with students solving the real world problems of guest entrepreneurs from the Calgary ecosystem. Students will reflect on their learning and explore the application of entrepreneurial thinking to their everyday lives.

Date: July 13th to 17th

Time: 9:00 am to 10:30am

Thank you to our partner, Innovate Canmore

Innovate Canmore supports the development of new start-up entrepreneurial talent to create innovative technology products and market-driven companies translating science and technology innovation into commercial success in Canmore and the Bow Valley. To this end, they offer support to local young entrepreneurs in a variety of workshops, including Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action.

Testimonials from past participants

While the course has moved online, the spirit of the camp is the same. Read on to see what past participants thought about the camp:

"It was great to work on a team project and merge all our ideas into an innovative idea that could be applied in a real world setting. This program helps you to think differently and gave you the opportunity to use creativity outside of the classroom starting from scratch."
Chelsea W, 15

"This camp helped me with public speaking, teamwork, and how to collaborate in a more efficient manner. It also showed me how to think with a business lens.
My favorite moment was the pitch presentation. You took your own idea and went through the entire thought process and got the feeling of a real business person that final afternoon."
Abid K, 16

"This camp was my first experience to the world of business. I went in totally blind and learned so much in the 3-days. I was never confused and found the information extremely helpful"
Makena O, 15

"The guest speakers were clear and their views / insights made sense. Their ideas had a profound impact and resonated with me."
Emelie S, 15