Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action Summer Camp

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (HCEI)

This isn't your average summer camp!

The Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action Camp offers a unique hands-on learning experience for students entering grades nine through twelve. We help participants develop their entrepreneurial leadership by delivering unique experiences that will activate their creativity, build their confidence, advance their teamwork, and grow personal resilience. Why? Because students need to learn how to succeed in a world that is rapidly changing. Today's world requires new leaders who can discover insightful solutions to complex problems.

How do we do it? Over the course of the four days, participants will put their entrepreneurial thinking caps on and work in teams to develop a new business venture that aligns with their personal interests. They'll get a chance to immerse themselves in innovative environments across the University of Calgary, and will work with experienced mentors, entrepreneurial students and world-leading instructors from the Haskayne School of Business that will guide them through the process. We'll balance challenges with fun activities to ensure students are learning and playing. On the final day, we flip the script by working with an innovative Calgary business to deliver an active business challenge off campus that will challenge students to apply their newly developed entrepreneurial skills in a different context.

Questions and inquiries can be sent to hunter.centre@haskayne.ucalgary.ca

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Camp Highlights

  • Unique hands-on activities: Our team has designed a number of exciting experiences for our camp participants. Whether it’s rapidly brainstorming new business ideas in an hour, discussing global problems that need solving in a world cafe, or designing a water filter with limited materials, students will never face a dull moment!
  • Inspiring instructors: Students will learn first hand from two serial entrepreneurs who are leading the entrepreneurial thinking movement on campus and across Calgary. The course instructors will be supported by a team of talented student entrepreneurs from the University of Calgary.
  • Discover innovation at UCalgary: Ever wondered about the exciting work that happens at the University of Calgary? Our summer camp will introduce students to the coolest spaces on campus where leading edge innovation is taking place!
  • A chance for parents to see the transformation: We invite all parents to join us for the third afternoon of the summer camp to see their kids pitch their innovative business ideas! We know you’ll be blown away by their progress!
  • On the final day, students will visit an innovative Calgary business to take part in an active business challenge that will challenge them to apply their newly developed entrepreneurial skills in new ways!
  • Life changing experiences: At its core, our summer camp is about transforming the way that young people see the world and their place in it. By the end of the camp, participants will feel empowered and equipped to begin building towards a meaningful career!

Testimonials from past participants

"It was great to work on a team project and merge all our ideas into an innovative idea that could be applied in a real world setting. This program helps you to think differently and gave you the opportunity to use creativity outside of the classroom starting from scratch."
Chelsea W, 15

"This camp helped me with public speaking, teamwork, and how to collaborate in a more efficient manner. It also showed me how to think with a business lens.
My favorite moment was the pitch presentation. You took your own idea and went through the entire thought process and got the feeling of a real business person that final afternoon."
Abid K, 16

"This camp was my first experience to the world of business. I went in totally blind and learned so much in the 3-days. I was never confused and found the information extremely helpful"
Makena O, 15

"The guest speakers were clear and their views / insights made sense. Their ideas had a profound impact and resonated with me."
Emelie S, 15

Thank you to West Island College

Students at West Island College (WIC) are encouraged to follow their passion and contribute in a meaningful way not only to the WIC community but to the world beyond. WIC therefore cultivates individual student growth by providing amazing leadership opportunities. We thank West Island College for their support in creating the Entrepreneurial Thinking in Action Summer Camp.