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Submitted by kjcoyle on Thu, 02/09/2017 - 3:59pm

The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is pleased to support two unique initiatives to support students engaged in start-up initiatives at the University of Calgary.  Undergraduate students from across campus are eligible to complete a newly created business incubator course in the Spring/Summer terms, ENTI 559 – Startup Incubator.  Graduate students who have developed the initial foundations for a start-up venture are eligible to apply for the Summer Incubator Program, offered in conjunction with Innovate Calgary.

Undergraduate Offering: ENTI 559 – Startup Incubator

Startup Incubator was created to help University of Calgary start-ups to build upon their strong business idea, and desire to learn how to rigorously test their value proposition, and intelligently scale. The course has been designed to support students who are passionate about continuing their entrepreneurial journey, and build on a foundation for a new venture that has already established through previous entrepreneurial education and/or experience.

The course will focus on custom designed entrepreneurial exercises with a goal to move towards earning revenue and establishing the team that can help scale the student's business.

Tuition support may be available. 


  • Currently registered undergraduate students at the University of Calgary. Graduate students from outside of the Haskayne School of Business will be considered for ENTI 559 with the support of their supervisor/program director and the approval of the instructor.
  • Prerequisite(s):  ENTI 317 or ENTI 381


  • 3 credits



  • Winter 2018

Questions about ENTI 559? Please contact

Graduate Offering: Summer Incubator Program @ The Inc.!

The Summer Incubator Program, powered by the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation and the Faculty of Graduate Studies, provides graduate student entrepreneurs with access to everything you’ll need to launch and grow your startup!

This program offers University of Calgary graduate students a unique opportunity to spend their summer in The Inc. (Innovate Calgary’s newly developed incubator space) and receive valuable support that can help launch new ventures. The Summer Incubator program includes access to co-working desk space and mentorship while being supported by special programming throughout the summer months.

Successful applicants will receive a seat in The Inc., with access to up to 4 months of incubator space, mentor support and resources.

As an added incentive, successful applicants will receive a monthly scholarship of up to $2000 from the Faculty of Graduate Studies to support you financially during your time spent at The Inc. The full value of this scholarship funding is $8000, over four months, for full-time participation in the Summer Incubator Program. If you are holding other scholarship funding, it will be halted for the duration of the program. Supervisor funding may also be halted for the duration of the program, at the discretion of your graduate supervisor.

Questions about scholarship funding should be directed to

*Note: non-University of Calgary students can be included on applications that have at least one University of Calgary team member. Non-UCalgary students are not eligible for the scholarship funding.


  • Currently registered graduate students in good standing at the University of Calgary.
  • Students must commit to an average of 35 hours of work in The Inc. for a minimum of 12 weeks (3 months).
  • The Program allows up to three seats for each team at The Inc., for a maximum of 4 months.


  • May 1st - August 31st,  2017


  • Innovate Calgary – 3553-31 Street NW Calgary, AB

Application & Selection Criteria:

  • Applications are now CLOSED.
  • Applications will be reviewed by a committee that involves staff and faculty from the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and Innovate Calgary.
  • Students may be asked to participate in a short interview conducted by a member(s) of the reviewing committee.
  • Applications will be assessed on the basis of the validity of the completed lean business model canvas presented, with consideration for prior activity in support of the current venture (research, customer validation, mentorship programs, seminars, conferences, pitch competitions, academic courses etc.).

Questions about the Summer Incubator program? Please contact