Feb. 7, 2020

Haskayne Student Success launches smart résumé review platform: VMock

Cutting edge platform puts Haskayne students in the driver’s seat of their own career development

The Haskayne Student Success team is excited to announce that its Career Development Centre has launched VMock, a smart résumé review platform, available to Haskayne students. VMock uses data analytics, natural language processing and artificial intelligence to provide instant personalized feedback on résumés. VMock is being used by top business schools around the world. Haskayne is an early adopter of this platform in Canada.  

VMock offers line-by-line suggestions for improvement that analyze how students have marketed core competencies on their résumé. They receive a résumé score that is benchmarked against those of their peers. With 24/7 access to this innovative platform, students can take ownership of their career development. They can perfect their résumé before meeting with a career development specialist, resulting in more efficient appointments focused on career development.

To see how VMock works, watch the following video. To read more on how to get started, visit our VMock Haskayne page.

For general questions regarding VMock or the services offered by the Haskayne Career Development Centre, please contact careercentre@haskayne.ucalgary.ca.