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Students, faculty and alumni win Clawbie awards

The Canadian Law Blog Awards (Clawbies) showcase every form of digital publishing in the Canadian legal community: blogs, podcasts, videos, social accounts, legal newsletters, platform commentaries, CanLII Connects, white papers, a stellar SSRN account, or a serial magazine column.

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In the News: Martin Olszynski, Faculty of Law, in Star Edmonton

Politically motivated: Lawsuit seeks to quash ‘anti-Alberta’ inquiry

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In the News: The Lawyer's Daily

Ontario Appeal Court reinforces bright-line requirement in trial delay cases

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In the News: UToday

Who on Earth will pay for climate change? "Less heat and more light" needed in carbon policy discussion

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In the News: Shaun Fluker, Faculty of Law, in CTV News

Alberta test case: Planned sale of gas wells, pipelines raises cleanup concerns

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In the News: Law Matters

Sign of the Times: #MeToo and Jury Impartiality

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In the News: Global News

Halifax man first to face trial for violating Canada’s international economic sanctions

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In the News: Bryce Tingle, Faculty of Law, in CBC Calgary

What it would mean for pensioners if Kenney creates an Alberta pension plan

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