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What is Alumni Coffee Talk?

Welcome to Alumni Coffee Talk! This is the space to meet fellow Haskayne alumni and grow your in-person and digital networks. Learn what alumni have been up to since graduation, how they enjoy their city’s heartbeat, and what they’ve learned from their careers? And if they wanted to tell you one thing about themselves, what would it be? 


Take a read. Get to know your fellow alumni. Pop them an email and invite them for coffee if you’re heading their way. You never know what exciting opportunities new connections may bring.

If you’d like to be featured in Alumni Coffee Talk, please fill out this form:

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Saturday mornings you’ll find me at Italian Centre for pistachio ice cream, fresh figs, pizza dough and prosciutto. If I’m not there, I’ll be in Bridgeland or Kensington, enjoying coffee at a local café, or hunting for surprise gifts for close friends and family. If I’m going somewhere on a plane, it will be to Castellon Spain, Riga Latvia, Assise Italy, or Vancouver Island. Dogs, outdoor activities, and salted caramel chocolates are three of my favourite and most irresistible things.

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In this section, tell readers what you most want them to know about you. Think of it as your written 60-second pitch.

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My background is in marketing and management. I value long-lasting relationships and utilize my marketing skills and genuine passion for relationship building to facilitate alumni connections that result in professional opportunities, networking, and/or community engagement.

Connect with me if you are looking to expand your personal or professional alumni network, want to get involved in one of the many alumni volunteer programs at Haskayne, or want to chat over coffee to share your story, passions, and successes.

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