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Books on International Business Strategy in Complex Environments

Research Methods in International Business, Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke, (UK), 2020. (L. Eden, B. Nielsen, & A. Verbeke, eds.).

International Business in a VUCA World: The Changing Role of States and Firms, EIBA - PIBR Volume 14, Emerald Publishing, Bingley (UK), 2020. (R. van Tulder, A. Verbeke, & B. Jankowska, eds.).

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Distance in International Business: Concept, Cost and Value, EIBA - PIBR Volume 12, Emerald Publishing, Bingley (UK), 2018. (A. Verbeke, R. van Tulder, and J. Puck, eds.), 539 p.

Global Corporate Strategy and Trade Policy, Routledge, London and New York, 2017 (A. Rugman and A. Verbeke) (second edition)168 p.

The Challenge of BRIC Multinationals, EIBA - PIBR Volume 11, Emerald Publishing, Bingley (UK), 2016. (R. van Tulder, A. Verbeke, Jorge Carneiro and Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, eds.), 653 p.

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International Business Strategy: Rethinking the Foundations of Global Corporate Success, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2013. (A. Verbeke - second edition), 598 p.

Handbook of Research on International Strategic Management, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA (US), 2012. (A. Verbeke and H. Merchant, eds.). (Paperback version published in 2014), 495 p.

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International Business Strategy: Rethinking the Foundations of Global Corporate Success, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2009. (A. Verbeke), 506 p.

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Corporate Response to Global Change, JAI-Press, Greenwich, Conn., 1992 (A. Rugman and A. Verbeke, eds.), 245 p.

Global Competition and the European Community, JAI Press, Greenwich, Conn., 1991 (A. Rugman and A. Verbeke, eds.), 275 p.

Books on Other Research Interests (Especially Transport Strategy)

Port Economics and Logistics (Dutch version). Second, changed and fully updated edition. Garant, Antwerp, 2019, (A. Verbeke, C. Coeck and J.P. Merckx), 224 p.

Sustainable Port Clusters and Economic Development: Building Competitiveness Through Clustering of Spatially Dispersed Supply Chains. Palgrave Macmillan - Springer, Cham (CH.), 2018, (Haezendonck, E., & Verbeke, A. (Eds.), 181p. 

Intermodal Inland Navigation: Economic and Ecological Aspects of Intermodal Inland Navigation in Flanders (Dutch version), Academic and Scientific Publishers – ASP, VUB Press, 2011 (C. Macharis, T. Van Lier, E. Pekin and A. Verbeke), 208 p.

Growing The Virtual Workplace: The Integrative Value Proposition for Telework, Edward Elgar, Cheltenham, 2008 (A. Verbeke, B. Shultz, N. Greidanus and L. Hambley), 288 p.

The DHL Regional Hub Project in Brussels (Belgium): An Economic and Societal Assessment (Dutch version), Antwerp and Apeldoorn, 2006 (M. Dooms, A. Verbeke, C. Macharis, and R. S’Jegers), 171 p.

Port Economics and Logistics (Dutch version), Scientific Publishing, Garant, Antwerp and Apeldoorn, 2006 (A. Verbeke, C. Coeck and J.P. Merckx), 284 p.

Intermodel Container Inland Navigation (Dutch version), Scientific Publishing, Garant, Louvain, 2004, (C. Macharis and A. Verbeke), 176 p.

Moving Toward the Virtual Workplace: Managerial and Societal Perspectives on Telework, E. Elgar, Cheltenham, 2003 (V. Illegems and A. Verbeke) , 253 p.

Port Competitiveness, De Boeck Ltd. 2002, (M. Huybrechts, H. Meersman, E. Van de Voorde, E. Van Hooydonk, A. Verbeke and  W. Winkelmans, eds.)

The Economic and Strategic Analysis of the Belgian Intermodal Sector (Dutch version), Scientific Publishing Garant, Louvain, 1999 (C. Macharis and A. Verbeke), 211 p.

Introduction to Management: Strategic Planning and Evaluation (Dutch version), University of Brussels – VUB Press, Brussels, 1994, (M. Jegers and R. Moenaert, A. Verbeke) Second edition, 1998, 199 p.

Socio-economic Evaluation of Public Investments in Transport Infrastructure: Overview of Existing Methods and Design of an Eclectic Evaluation Methodology (Dutch version), Scientific Publishing Garant, Louvain, 1997 (K. De Brucker, A. Verbeke and W. Winkelmans), 597 p.

The Economic Significance of Seaport Infrastructural Investments (Dutch version), University of Brussels – VUB Press, Brussels, 1997 (D. Teurelincx, A. Verbeke and E. Declercq), 300 p.

Analysis of the Competitive Position of Shortsea Shipping: Development of Policy Measures (Corridor Study), Delft University Press, 1995 (C. Peeters, A. Verbeke, E. Declercq and N. Wijnolst).

Multimodal Shortsea Transport: Coastal Superhighway (Port Hopper Study), Delft University Press, 1994, (with co-authors), 194 p.

Rational Objectives, Structural Ineffectiveness and Commit­ment: A Multiple Per­spectives Approach for Strategic Investment Policies in Complex Organizati­ons (Dutch version), Lloyd, Antwerp, 1986, 597 p.