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Application for permission to access the Murray Edwards Trading and Finance Lab

To apply for access to the Trading and Finance Lab, note that applications will be accepted on the basis of merit and availability of space in the Lab.

Please note that the Trading and Finance Lab (the Lab) is a high-­‐visibility facility in the Haskayne School and we treat it with pride. This means that no food or drinks are allowed in the lab because they inevitably lead to crumbs and spills that are unseemly. They also damage the expensive equipment, which is why access to the lab is controlled by a keycard. The Lab is not for general computing. It is intended for Students and Faculty who are using the special data feeds in the Lab. Students must be respectful of others and leave their machine as soon as their activity transitions to some other activity, such as checking personal email, surfing the web or chatting with colleagues.

You should be aware that the door keycard system records the UCID numbers of people who access the Lab, and the computers in the Lab IT Usernames of people who log into Lab computers. If accidental or willful damage occurs in the Lab, the occupants at the time the damage occurs will be interviewed by staff of the Haskayne School and University security personnel in order to determine how the damage occurred. People who misuse the Lab may be denied access to the Lab and may also be subject to disciplinary action under the Non-­‐Academic Misconduct Policy. If you have any concerns about this collection or use of personal information, please contact the Associate Dean (Academic) at the Haskayne School of Business.

Access will take up to one to two weeks. Please check UNIcard against lab keycard system for access.