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The Office of Teaching and Learning supports nominations for teaching awards and seeks to encourage awareness of opportunities for internal and external awards recognizing exemplary practice.

Haskayne also administers internal Dean’s Awards for Excellence in Teaching which recognizes individuals' commitment, passion as teachers, and contribution to the Haskayne learning community.

Haskayne Dean’s Awards

The Dean's Awards recognize exceptional achievements in teaching and learning, research, and service. They are one of many ways in which the Haskayne School of Business encourages its faculty and staff to exceed expectations and help make the school a leader in excellence.

Dean's Awards Recipients

Teaching and Learning Awards are given to current full-time faculty of the Haskayne School at the time the awards are adjudicated. The purpose of these awards is to reward and encourage teaching and learning in the Haskayne School of Business. The adjudication process will reflect and enhance these ideals. The person being nominated for this award will have assisted colleagues, students and the community.

2019 Dean’s Awards - Unparalled Learning Opportunities Category

  • Janelle Morris - Staff
  • KJ Choi and Alfred Lehar - Faculty

Commerce Undergraduate Society Awards: Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Presented annually for outstanding teaching and contributions to student learning in the undergraduate programs of the Haskayne School of Business.

2015-2016 Award Recipient: Sharaz Khan

Haskayne MBA Society Award: Outstanding Teaching and Learning

Presented annually for outstanding teaching and contributions to student learning in the MBA programs at the business school.

2014-2015 Award Recipient: David Adams

Haskayne PhD Students’ Award for Outstanding Teaching and Learning

2014-2015 Award Recipient: Irene Herremans

University of Calgary Student Union Teaching Excellence Award

The University of Calgary Student’s Union invites students to nominate UCalgary instructors who have had a positive impact on their undergraduate learning experience and academic careers. The SU Teaching Excellence Awards is the only campus-wide recognition program for instructors who make a long-lasting impact on students.

2019 Taylor Institute Teaching Awards:

  • Naor Cohen, Teaching Award for Non-Academic Staff
  • Scott Radford, Award for Educational Leadership

2019 Students’ Union Teaching Awards:

  • Noreen Irvine, Honourable Mention
  • Syed Rahat Ali Jafri,  SU Teaching Excellence Award
  • Houston Peschl, SU Teaching Excellence Award
  • Leighton Wilks, SU Teaching Excellence Award and Hall of Fame inductee

2019 Office of Sustainability Awards:

  • Houston Peschl, Sustainability Teaching Award

Are you a student who is inspired by a wonderful faculty member at Haskayne?  You can find the SU Teaching Excellence Award Nomination Form and more information here.

University of Calgary Teaching Awards – Taylor Institute

The University of Calgary Teaching Awards recognize and celebrate outstanding contributions to teaching and learning. The awards recognize excellence in diverse learning contexts, by individuals and teams, and through curriculum design and educational leadership. A University of Calgary Teaching Award is a distinguished honour for members of our university community who, through their commitment and expertise, create deep and lasting learning experience. More...


McCaig-Killam Teaching Award

The McCaig-Killam Teaching Award is given to an individual for outstanding contributions to teaching and learning at the University. More...

Please contact Victoria Reid or Scott Radford if you wish to find out more about the nomination process for any of these external awards.

The 3M National Teaching Fellowship

Recognizes excellence in educational leadership and teaching. More...

City of Calgary Community Achievement Award in Education

Awarded to an individual Calgarian who has enhanced learning opportunities for Calgarians or brought recognition to Calgary due to outstanding academic achievement in his/her field. More...

The Haskayne Teaching Fellowships advance engaged inquiry, reflection and guided development within our learning community by establishing a collaborative team that meets regularly during the academic year. 

Teaching Fellows work with colleagues to explore and share successful methods and new techniques within Haskayne, at conferences, and in research journals.  During the Fellowship, Haskayne Teaching Fellows identify and contribute to teaching and learning initiatives in Haskayne, deliver workshops, provide mentorship and advising to interested faculty members, sessionals and PhD students, and attend the annual Taylor Institute Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching.

A Selection and Advisory Committee assesses expressions of interest from full-time, tenured, and tenure-track faculty members that demonstrate strong commitment to continuous improvement in teaching and enthusiasm for collaborative engagement about teaching inquiry.  Applications for the Fellowship are accepted on a rolling basis until May 15 each year for an appointment commencing July 1 of the same year; appointments are for a three-year term.


The Office of Teaching and Learning can help you apply for teaching grants, and also help with meeting the requirements of the grants. There are many teaching grants available through the University of Calgary. If you are interested in applying, please consult your Area Teaching and Learning Coordinator.

Taylor Institute Teaching and Learning Grants

There are three different types of grants available from the Taylor Institute – practice grants, lesson study grants, SoTL grants, and a special topic track on experiential learning. The deadline is in late January or early February of each year. More...

Hunter Centre Grants

The Hunter Centre offers faculty a number of opportunities for professional development and to support student experience and engagement which includes the Haskayne Faculty Advancement Fund and the Haskayne Strategic Research Grant. More...

Other Resources:

The University of Calgary Grants and Awards Division (Internal & External) is available to help connect and support faculty with external opportunities. The Office of Teaching and Learning can provide additional support to external grant applications.

The Office of Teaching and Learning strives to support SoTL in the business faculty, and will support faculty in their pursuit of SoTL. To learn more about the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, click here.

Recent SoTL presentations by Haskayne Faculty:

2016 University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching
Calgary, Alberta
May 10-11 2016 Conference Presentations

  • Creative Designs and Tools that Enhance the Learning Experience II: Tom O’Neill, Robert Brennan, Marjan Eggermont, Denis Onen, Justin Weinhardt, Houston Peschl
  • Setting the Stage for Effective Groups – Encouraging Information Sharing and Creativity: Norm Althouse & Peggy Hedges
  • Exploring How Innovation Education Leads to Innovation in Practice: Looking Beyond Universal Student Rating: Chad Saunders, Ron Murch, Kanhaiya Sinha, & Jack Kulchitsky
  • Best Poster Award: Cultivating Highly Conscious Leadership – by Sloane Dugan & Gillian Ayers
  • Experiential exercises in ENTI 317: Houston Peschl


2016 CORS - 58th Annual Conference of the Canadian Operational Research Society
Banff, Alberta
May 30-June 1 2016 Conference Presentations

  • Canadian Orthodontics Practice: Bracing for patients: Janice Eliasson & Brent Snider
  • Bending Paper Clips: Janice Eliasson & Peggy Hedges


Recent Publications by Haskayne Faculty:


Taylor Institute support for SoTL

Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Canada)
The Society supports research, its dissemination, increased awareness, and application of research through scholarly teaching and learning.

Educational Developers’ Caucus (EDC)
The Caucus is a permanent community of practice within the Society of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education that facilitates the advancement of educational development and as a field of practice and scholarship. 

Transformative Dialogues: Teaching & Learning Journal
Publishes scholarly articles, service and community project summaries, personal or speculative reflections, book reviews, and other media submissions on various SoTL themes.  See website for more information on submitting or to read previous issues.

AJG 2015 Teaching Journal List

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