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The Haskayne School of Business strives to offer a stimulating, caring and rigorous learning environment where students feel well-supported as well as challenged. In order to facilitate students’ access to the many available resources on the UCalgary campus, we have compiled the list below. These resources cover a wide range of activities and initiatives that impact many aspects of a student’s experience.

Would you like to bolster your academic planning and set some personalized academic goals? The Haskayne School of Business has an Academic Development Specialist to meet the unique needs of Haskayne students.

Are you seeking resources and support available for students with a disability affecting temporary or permanent mobility, physical, sensory or learning? UCalgary has Student Accessibility Services on campus that ensures inclusive and supportive environment for its students by providing various accommodations to meet individual needs.

Are you wondering about how students at UCalgary can access additional academic support? The student community can contact the  Student Success Centre for advising, writing and learning support.

Are you looking for resources for your health and wellbeing? The SU Wellness Centre provides services in health, counselling and student outreach. UCalgary also has Student Health and Dental Plan. These are the health benefits that a student gets when he or she registers for a full-time course at UoC.

The Haskayne School of Business students have access to exclusive provisions and guidance from Haskayne Career Centre to achieve their career goals and gain valuable insights on employment opportunities. The Career Centre offers personalized coaching by connecting graduates to various meaningful employment services available.

Are you interested in developing your leadership skills? The Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business (CCAL) and the Leadership and Student Engagement Office offer a variety of leadership development programming for Haskayne and all UCalgary students respectively.

Also, the Haskayne School of Business has the largest number of student clubs on the University of Calgary campus.

If you are interested in working with like-minded people and getting involved in various projects, joining a Haskayne Student Club is a head start to making friends, and taking on leadership roles.

The Haskayne International Exchange Program has partnership with more than 30 business schools all over the world. The idea of bringing together international students at one platform enables them to gain fresh perspectives and build meaningful connections between theory and real life across the globe.

In order to enrich the learning experience of UCalgary students, there are various funding programs available to students, intended to support innovation, community engagement. The following is the list of Haskayne funds and other monetary assistance available on campus.

Haskayne Student Experience Fund (SEF)

The Haskayne School of Business has a strategic goal to support student learning experiences by helping to alleviate financial barriers which would otherwise restrict students’ involvement. If you wish to explore learning opportunities outside of a classroom, and are keen about development opportunities that will have a positive impact on your career, but you need financial assistance, please click here.

Shell Experiential Energy Learning (SEEL) Program Activities Fund

The Shell Experiential Energy Learning (SEEL) Program provides funding to University of Calgary undergraduates in all disciplines for field trips, conferences, special projects and other activities focused on sustainable energy, environment and economy.
The SEEL Program enhances the hands-on learning experience for individual undergraduates and undergrad student clubs and organizations. Sponsored by Shell Canada, administered by the University of Calgary and with applications judged by students. The SEEL Program is part of Shell's Campus Ambassador Program (CAP). To learn more about applying for funding, click here.

UofC New Venture Competition Grant

Sponsored by the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, and open to undergraduate and graduate students across campus, the New Venture Competition Grant has been developed to support student teams who are selected to participate in a new venture or pitch competition to enhance their overall venture concept and pitch. The funding is targeted to paid consulting or similar activities such as market research or product prototyping.

Semester at Sea

The Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation is proud to support undergraduate students from the Haskayne School of Business to participate in the Semester at Sea program with the support of a Brawn Family Foundation International Studentship valued at $15,000. This funding is intended to cover part of the program’s tuition fees.  For more information on the Semester at Sea Program and the Brawn Family Foundation International Studentship, click here.


There are different types of funding options available on the UCalgary campus

Student Activity Fund (SAF) – The Leadership and Student Engagement Office, in collaboration with University of Calgary and Students’ Union, offers monetary assistance to students to be able to participate in Co-curricular activities that builds leadership, educational and professional development opportunities. Please click here for more information.

SU Quality Money – The UoC Board of Governance finances various projects that boosts student’s involvement. This proposal allows student’s contribution in decision-making regarding prioritizing allocation of financial resources in the projects that serves students interests. Click here for more information.

Travel and Conference Funding  - As learning is no more restricted to classroom, Students’ Union thus provides monetary funding to students who proactively desire to explore and apply knowledge in a new environment that promotes sharing of ideas like conferences and professional development workshops. Find more information here.

PURE Awards – PURE Awards enables all the undergraduate students to receive first-hand experience of being involved in an ongoing research project with researchers that evokes student’s interest to pursue further education in various research fields. It reflects University’s “EYE HIGH” vision of creating opportunities of community based learning. Click here for more information.

Are you an international student who is wondering what supports are available on campus?  The University of Calgary has many resources available for International Students.

Are you travelling to UCalgary for studies and have questions about accommodations and facilities? The University of Calgary has many options for temporary and long term accommodations.

Haskayne student sites:

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