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World Tourism Education & Research Centre (WTERC)

During the past decade, WTERC has achieved international recognition as one of the most dynamic centres in the field of tourism education and research.

WTERC is a world class learning environment dedicated to the interdisciplinary study of tourism. At the University of Calgary, WTERC serves to coordinate all tourism academic programs and research activities.


To create a greater understanding of tourism and its role in global economic, social and cultural development; to improve the effectiveness of those responsible for managing the human, physical and financial resources of tourism regions; and to enhance, through tourism, greater international understanding and goodwill in an environmentally responsible manner.

Academic programs

Thanks to commitment and strong support from the University of Calgary and the tourism community, WTERC has been able to create a comprehensive portfolio of multidisciplinary tourism programs. These programs address the needs of students at different levels of the educational process through undergraduate, graduate and non-degree programs.

World Tourism Education & Research Centre (WTERC)