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Driving economic growth and job creation by scaling high-growth companies.

ScaleUp builds capacity for companies to compete globally

ScaleUp companies are critical to drive economic growth, job creation and increase Canada's overall competitiveness. The ScaleUp nine-month cohort based program is designed for CEOs and their executive teams to obtain the tools they need to achieve extraordinary value creation through organizational capacity building and growth. ScaleUp will guide companies moving through their critical inflection point to create repeatable structures, increase leadership capacity and execute upon the economics of scale. The goal is to support high-growth companies that want to scale their revenue, capital or team to be able to expand to global markets.

Fast growth can put considerable pressure on managerial, financial and technical resources… in particular, difficulties in supporting the leadership capabilities… such as through an expansion of the leadership team around the founder.

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The focus on CleanTech companies

For the 2022/2023 pilot year of the ScaleUp program the focus is on cleantech companies in energy and agriculture to effectively scale. With $2.5 trillion global market opportunities on the table for cleantech development, 10 years and counting to meet Paris Agreement targets, and an opportunity for cleantech to drive economic stimulus; now is the time for Alberta companies to move from startups to scaleups in this sector.


Introducing our 2022/2023 HSBC CleanTech ScaleUp Cohort:

Experiential & evidence-based learning from top experts

Intensives & workshops

ScaleUp programming is focused on the economics of scale, culture, leadership, business management fundamentals and scaling growth. 

Executive leadership forums

Executives will attend peer-to-peer forums to problem solve together and build their leadership capacities.

Mentors & advisors

Companies gain access to the highest quality and innovative mentors and advisors; supporting them with a deep network of expertise.  

Company criteria

The ScaleUp program is looking for high-growth scaling companies; they are rare but contribute disproportionately to the bulk of the net new job creation* and increase overall competitiveness in the market. Scaleups are associated with wealth creation, job creation, role models inspiring peer companies, regional innovation outcomes, and regional economic development**.


The scaling company is in a critical inflection point and has ambition to scale 5x revenue, capital or team within 24-36 months of completing the program.

Market fit

The company has demonstrated product/service market fit and validated market traction.

*Birch, 1981.
**Piazza, 2002; Acs & Armington, 2006; Acs & Mueller, 2008; Henrekson & Johansson, 2010; Haltiwanger et al., 2013.

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