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Advanced Leadership Research

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Thu, 08/13/2015 - 4:25pm


Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Wed, 03/18/2015 - 3:12pm

A talented and extensive base of top tier research faculty at the Haskayne School of Business are providing critical insight to the important topic of advanced leadership. Working in collaboration with other researchers at the University of Calgary, they investigate leadership from personal, team and cultural perspectives.

Piers Steel, PhD

Distinguished Research Chair in Advanced Business Leadership
T: (403) 220-8428
Office: SH 444

Dr. Piers Steel's areas of research interest include personnel selection, culture, motivation and procrastination. Currently, Piers is driving a systematic review of leadership research with the goal of identifying what is known and where knowledge gaps lie, and sharing the knowledge in a practical and accessible format.

Piers in Press

David Dick, PhD

T: (403) 220-6434
Office: SS 1224

Dr. David Dick's research for the Centre focuses primarily on Ethical Leadership. David also teaches and researches on related philosophical issues of business ethics, political philosophy, and the philosophy of money. The former Chair in Business Ethics, David also organizes the Integrity Network, a Calgary-based working group academic, industrial, and non-profit ethics professionals that meets quarterly to share expertise and discuss business ethics issues.

David in Press

Tunde Ogunfowora, PhD

Assistant Professor- Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
T: (403) 220-8352
Office: SH 446

Dr. Tunde Ogunfowora’s teaching expertise includes courses in the human resources, organizational behaviour, and management streams.

Tunde in Press

  • How a hostile working environment affects your organization - The Globe and Mail Leadership Lab article
  • Ogunfowora, B. (2014). It’s all a matter of consensus: Leader role modeling strength as a moderator of the links between ethical Leadership and employee outcomes. Human Relations, 67 (12), 1467-1490.
  • Ogunfowora, B. (2014). The impact of ethical leadership within the recruitment context: The roles of organizational reputation, applicant personality, and value congruence. The Leadership Quarterly, 25 (3), 528-543.
  • Ogunfowora, B. & Bourdage, J. (2014). Does Honesty-Humility influence evaluations of leadership emergence? The mediating role of moral disengagement. Personality and Individual Differences, 56, 95-99.

Justin Weinhardt, PhD

Assistant Professor- Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
T: (403) 220-7584
Office: SH 442

Justin Weinhardt's research focuses on understanding how motivation and decision-making change over time using dynamic models with the goal of offering a simple, formal model of human behaviour applied to work. Justin’s other research interests include computational modeling, motivation, decision-making, entrepreneurship, overconfidence, ethical judgments, emotions, training and psychometrics.

Justin in Press

Nick Turner, PhD

T: (403) 220-6947
Office: SH 456

Nick in Press

  • Tucker, S., & Turner, N. (2015). Sometimes it hurts when supervisors don’t listen: Antecedents and consequences of safety voice among young workers. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 20, 72-81.
  • Arnold, K.A., Turner, N., Barling, J., Kelloway, E.K., & McKee, M. (2013). Transformational leadership and psychological well-being: The mediating role of meaningful work. In C.L. Cooper & I.T. Robertson (Eds.) Management and happiness (pp. 93-103). London: Edward Elgar. (Reprinted from Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 2007, 12, pp. 193-203).
  • Hoption, C., Barling, J., & Turner, N. (2013). “It’s not you, it’s me”: Transformational leadership and self-deprecating humor. Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 34, 4-19.
  • Kelloway, E.K., Turner, N., Barling, J., & Loughlin, C.A. (2012). Transformational leadership and employee psychological well-being: The mediating role of employee trust in leadership. Work & Stress, 26, 39-55.
  • Simola, S.K., Barling, J., & Turner, N. (2012). Transformational leadership and leaders’ mode of care reasoning. Journal of Business Ethics, 108, 229-237.

Sandy Hershcovis, PhD

Associate Professor
T: (403) 220-7582
Office: SH 458

Sandy Hershcovis is an associate professor in Human Resources and Organizational Dynamics at the Haskayne School of Business. Her research focuses on understanding the social context of workplace mistreatment (e.g., workplace bullying, incivility, and abusive supervision). In particular, she is currently interested in witness reactions to workplace mistreatment with a focus on witness intervention.

Sandy in Press

  • Reich, T.C. & Hershcovis, M.S. (2015). Observing Workplace Incivility. Journal of Applied Psychology, 100, 203-215.

Research Projects

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Mon, 08/17/2015 - 9:50am

Great discoveries are the output of studying important and, at times, provocative questions. What is advanced leadership? How is leadership advanced? These are two fundamental questions that are at the core of CCAL’s long-term vision and strategy.


What has 100 years of leadership research really taught us?

metaBUS is a groundbreaking research tool with the capacity to transform the speed of social science research. In the scientific community, research doubles every nine years and thousands of articles get published daily. Yet, there is no system in place to comprehensively organize all of that data. According to Piers Steel, cofounder of metaBUS, “right now, meta-analysis could potentially take years. By using metaBUS, meta-analysis will take minutes and puts the focus on curating new knowledge rather than trying to sift through past findings.

With funding from CCAL, Piers Steel and his collaborators Frank Bosco from Virginia Commonwealth University and Krista Uggerslev from NAIT, have teamed up for the past three years to make metaBUS a reality. In April 2015 metaBUS was unveiled to the scientific community at the 30th Annual Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP) in Philadelphia. The team intends to launch a fully functional metaBUS in spring 2016.

Ethical Approach Scale

Can ethical leadership be measured?

Ethical Approach Scale: an assessment tool that integrates business, philosophical and psychological themes. (Research by David Dick, Piers Steel and Chris Morin, PhD student)

Procrastination and Motivation

Dr Piers Steel has been helping create and understanding of Procrastination through his book The Procrastination Equation ( . Piers’  work connects procrastination to other aspects of ourselves, including the relationship between procrastination and impulse control. You can find out more about this research at

Haskayne Guided Path System

If we knew students better, could we more effectively help them grow as leaders?

Haskayne Guided Path System self-assessments: this CCAL assessment system centralizes and improves assessment across all student programs to measure leadership development. (Assessments developed by Tunde Ogunfowora, Piers Steel, Justin Weinhardt and Stella George)

Thought Leadership

Submitted by yayoi.moriguchi on Mon, 08/17/2015 - 9:55am


Advanced Leadership considers both value creation through performance and valuing people.

Roundtable events allow meetings of the minds of Academic Leaders, Researchers and Business Leaders and are a vital part of CCAL’s discovery and evolution of Advanced Leadership Ideas.

Our discussion is ongoing and always interesting.

Advanced Leadership is:

  • both competencies and character,
  • both profit and principles,
  • both effectiveness and ethics,
  • both results and relationships,
  • both corporation and community.

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Haskayne Hour

Haskayne Hour is bridging the gap between the relevance of rigorous academic research and real world business problems.

Join a dynamic two speaker presentation focused on delivering and discussing new research and its application to industry in a short timeframe, Haskayne Hour leaves attendees with applicable, new knowledge and better business practice.

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Research Salon

Join us this coming winter to learn more about the leading edge of research as it applies to the business community. 

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White Papers

The Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business: a foundational history – in review

The Haskayne Guided Path System – in review