University of Calgary

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

At the Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, we are focusing on teaching our students thinking that goes beyond how to create a viable business plan and launching a new business. Our teaching includes how to think, reason, and problem solve in a manner that identifies and creates opportunities. We want to bring innovative thinking that can be leveraged towards any field. This type of entrepreneurial thinking is a new way of approaching decision-making and problem-solving. It involves creative, progressive thinking and an interest in continuous improvement – recognizing opportunities and knowing how to capitalize on them in real time.

With bold plans to shape a new generation of entrepreneurs, we at the Hunter Centre are striving to teach students to develop the skills to recognize opportunities, embrace challenges and extend Calgary’s entrepreneurial “can-do” spirit while also providing them the foundations critical to starting a business.

The Centre promotes an inclusive, action-based, and practical methodology for applying entrepreneurial thinking across all organizations, large and small. Research in the areas of entrepreneurship and innovation provide the impetus for curriculum development and new program ideas. Both undergraduate and master’s students benefit from action-based learning in all aspects of entrepreneurial thinking and action, and have the opportunity to test their skills in class and in partnership with industry.

The Hunter Centre has many resources available for students who are interested in pursuing an entrepreneurial venture.