Global Business Futures Initiative (GBFI)

Dr. Oleksiy Osiyevskyy, PhD: The academic director of Global Business Futures Initiative, Dr. Oleksiy (“Oleks”) Osiyevskyy is an associate professor of entrepreneurship & innovation at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary. In his executive education, consulting and practical research, Osiyevskyy focuses on the problems of business strategies in crisis situations and the engagement of entrepreneurial strategies to achieve and sustain firm growth and long-term prosperity. As an undergraduate Computer Engineering student, Osiyevskyy founded his first internet startup in 2004. Since that time, Osiyevskyy has taken on the role of entrepreneur, manager within large companies, consultant and educator. He has mentored, co-founded, invested and served on the boards of numerous startups across a broad range of industries (education, food, transportation, e-commerce, and others). Osiyevskyy’s scholarly achievements have been recognized by the prestigious Killam Memorial Scholarship, and numerous awards from the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship. His dissertation research on adaptation to disruptions is recognized by the Canadian Business Magazine and included in the list of ‘Research projects taking place at Canadian universities that teach important lessons for today's business leaders'.

The Academic Advisory Group for GBFI will mobilize the support, engagement and advice of experienced professors at the Haskayne School of Business. Members include:

Dr. Yrjo Koskinen, PhD: associate dean for research and business impact and a professor of finance. Koskinen is an influential scholar and thought leader in sustainable finance, as well he conducts research in corporate finance and governance.

Dr. Alain Verbeke, PhD: professor of international business strategy and the McCaig Research Chair in Management. Verbeke is a leading thinker on complex project evaluation, the strategic management of multinational networks, as well as the governance and restructuring of complex organizations.

Dr. Kristen Van de Biezenbos, PhD: associate professor at the Faculty of Law and Haskayne School of Business. Van de Biezenbos is exploring energy law and its local impacts with a focus on the problems of externalized costs and regulatory gaps. She also has a particular interest in offshore energy projects, both hydrocarbon and renewable and related issues.

Dr. Anup Srivastava, PhD: associate professor and Canada Research Chair in Accounting, Decision-Making and Capital Markets. Srivastava is one of the foremost researchers on the changing economics of listed companies.

Dr. Harrie Vredenburg, PhD: professor and Suncor Chair in Strategy and Sustainability. Vredenburg is a leading scholar in the areas of competitive strategy, innovation, sustainable development and corporate governance in the global energy and natural resource industries.