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Enbridge Research in Action Seminar Series

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The Enbridge Research in Action Seminar Series at the Haskayne School of Business brings together influential researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to discuss leading-edge sustainability research. 

Enbridge proudly supports the seminar, which is administered by the Centre for Corporate Sustainability.

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Without Leaving Anyone Behind: Exploring Our Way to an Energy Future

The film explores the possibilities that lie ahead through addressing climate change in a pragmatic, non-polarized manner and transitioning to a new energy future.

Learn more about the documentary


The role of collaboration in the energy transition

Canadian firms outperform American firms environmentally. Are there any financial benefits?


ESG & Risk: lessons from TransAlta’s transition


The future of oil & gas industry

International perspectives & wisdom from Indigenous women.

Insights on financing sustainable projects

Innovation in financial services is needed to meet the increasing energy project demand.

Thoughts on sustainable finance

Alberta's role in Canada's energy transition and importance of vision setting.


Adjust to post-COVID reality

Finding your pathway to recovery and growth after the pandemic.

De-mystifying price differentials

Many wonder if Canadian oil prices will recover and if the differential will narrow again.

Canadian energy leadership

Canada’s focus on being a leading environmental citizen has come into apparent conflict.


Blockchain: a non-technical presentation

Do you assume Blockchain only applies to cryptocurrency?

Implications of de-carbonization

What role are lower-emitting products already playing in Canada’s energy mix?

Canadian business resilience in oil & gas

Creating a company framework strong enough to weather the most severe of recessions.


Water for a sustainable economy in Alberta

Global water resources are finite, but our population continues to grow.

Navigating the regulatory system

Root causes of mistrust in the energy regulatory process.

Case study, Co-op Refinery Complex

Safety in Operations: There are always lessons to be learned. 


Energy vs Environment. Do we have to choose?

Increasing methane emission reduction mandates could cost the industry millions of dollars.

Have we reached the bottom yet?

Have we seen the worst of the recession? and if so, when can we expect recovery?

Electrification of energy consumption

Assessing economic and environmental impacts of electrifying Canadian energy consumption.


What are acceptable risks?

The role of traditional and social media in resource conversations.

Creating a “Burning Platform”

Two methods can be leveraged to identify what a tangible “burning platform” could be.

The road from Paris goes through Calgary

Climate change is a hot topic on a provincial, national and global scale.