About Us

Centre for Corporate Sustainability (CCS)

The Centre for Corporate Sustainability was founded to disseminate knowledge and find balance in environmental, social and economic approaches in energy.

Our Mission
Our mission is to enable partnerships among researchers, industry experts, government officials and community representatives to generate dialogue jointly, create best practices and disseminate knowledge.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be a leader in knowledge translation, improving sustainable practices in the energy industry.

Thank you

We are grateful to all of our donors for their generous support of the Centre for Corporate Sustainability. Thank you for your commitment to finding balance among economic development, social well-being and environmental protection. 

The Enbridge Research in Action Seminar Series at the Haskayne School of Business, brings together influential researchers, practitioners, and industry experts to discuss leading-edge sustainability research. 

The PETRONAS International Energy Speaker Series provides the opportunity to see world-renowned and respected international energy experts and learn their unique perspectives on the global energy landscape. The series, held annually, is generously supported by PETRONAS Energy Canada.

Supported by a $500,000 donation from the Bank of Montreal and $250,000 from the Haskayne School of Business’ Future Fund, the BMO Professorship in Sustainable and Transition Finance will lead and conduct research in the area of sustainable and transition finance.

The Centre for Corporate Sustainability is dedicated to finding balance for the Triple Bottom Line: Economic Development, Social Well-Being and Environmental Protection. Developing and disseminating knowledge in sustainable approaches with tangible planning and measurement metrics are at the core of the Centre’s activities. To this end, the Centre will endeavour to enable best practices that address the critical business challenges faced by the Canadian energy sector, with particular attention given to social and environmental issues.

Some of the challenges that will be explored through the Centre’s activities include:

  • Effective Aboriginal engagement
  • Establishing and maintaining a strong social license to operate
  • Developing effective policies on issues impacting the environment, society and economy
  • Delimiting financial and accounting structures related to the measurement and disclosure of land, water, and air impact
  • Measuring and maintaining progress on carbon emissions and footprint
  • Effective development of corporate social responsibility