Creative Destruction Lab - Rockies

Creative Destruction Lab - Rockies

Build something massive with CDL-Rockies at Haskayne

Accelerating the commercialization of tech startups

Creative Destruction Lab - Rockies (CDL-Rockies) accelerates the commercialization of tech startups that represent the companies of tomorrow. Housed at the Haskayne School of Business at UCalgary, CDL-Rockies capitalizes on Alberta’s innovation ecosystem, UCalgary experts and the larger Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) network to build something massive. CDL takes no equity or intellectual property and charges no fees for participation.

Three focus areas – energy evolution, AgTech and technological innovations solving industries’ biggest problems. – are offered. Ventures apply to the program and progress by meeting aggressive milestones set by world-class mentors who have been there and done that.

Nearly $3 billion in equity value generated

To learn more about this exciting milestone, hear from participating ventures including Fluid BioMed, Index Biosystems and Eavor. You'll also hear about the MBA student experience with CDL-Rockies.  

How does it work?

CDL employs an objectives-based mentoring process with the goal of maximizing equity-value creation. The program is delivered over a 9-month term, which consists of five full-day objective-setting sessions. Every 8 weeks, ventures meet with CDL-Rockies Mentors, expert entrepreneurs, scientists, economists and industry leaders, to focus on key objectives critical to their success in and out of the program. Additionally, ventures receive hands-on business development support from top-tier MBA and Executive MBA students.

What is the CDL Network?

With 13 locations globally, CDL operates five sites in Canada, three in the United States and four in Europe. Launched in 2012 at the Rotman School of Management at University of Toronto, the program has now expanded with locations in:

  • Oxford (Saïd Business School, University of Oxford)
  • Paris (HEC Paris)
  • Atlanta (Scheller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology)
  • Madison (Wisconsin School of Business, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Seattle (University of Washington, Foster School of Business)
  • Vancouver (Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia)
  • Montreal (HEC Montréal)
  • Calgary (Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary)
  • Halifax (Rowe School of Business, Dalhousie University)
  • Estonia (University of Tartu)
  • Berlin (ESMT Berlin)
  • Melbourne (Monash Business School, Monash University)

CDL-Rockies Streams



The Energy Stream operates from the epicentre of the energy industry in Canada and brings together experienced entrepreneurs and investors, and scientists active in the energy sector. The Energy Stream admits founders with technologies focused on accelerating energy systems transition and diversification as well as the optimization of existing resource operations.



The Ag Stream leverages Canada’s vast pool of expertise in agricultural technology and science to help founders with novel technologies throughout the entire Ag value chain - from producer to plate. Including but not limited to the following industry verticals: Ag Biotech, Food Technology, Livestock health and wellness, Sustainable Ag.



Distinct from CDL’s specialized streams that focus on a particular industry or technology, the Prime Stream admits founders pursuing many different applications of novel technologies to industry problems. Strong candidates for the Prime Stream are those with differentiated technology, regardless of having selected a target industry vertical.

Catalyst, Community and Corporate Partners

Founding Partners

Mike Broadfoot
Kevin Campbell
Michael Culbert
Chen Fong
Michael Kanovsky
Sharon Siebens
Alison Sunstrum
Mac Van Wielingen
John Harris
Ray Muzyka and Leona De Boer

Participating universities

Universities participating in the CDL course
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The CDL works with startups that employ innovations in technology and business models that promise a chance of delivering massive improvements to economic productivity and human welfare. Have a look at the CDL Alumni companies.