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Filling a gap in the ecosystem by supporting scaling Canadian companies with building leadership and managerial capacity.

ScaleUp builds capacity for companies to compete globally

Scaling a high-growth company comes with unique challenges. Whether scaling for the first time or a seasoned veteran bringing along a relatively new team, these leaders are used to the day-to-day business execution and rarely have the space or time to test their critical assumptions and work “on” the business

The Haskayne ScaleUp program creates a customized environment for leadership teams of high-growth companies to work with mentors, all of whom have led and contributed to the growth of companies in various industries at a global scale.

ScaleUp pairs executive teams with mentors to work through curated content delivered by renowned facilitators. Its 12-week cadence enables optimal learning and effective use of time. The program is designed to fortify business foundations to withstand the pressures of growth at scale.

Each company will refine its growth strategies and build organizational capacity. The program experience will empower leaders to challenge their assumptions, engage in frank and constructive conversations, and enhance their personal accountability toward the team and business.

Current cohort

Relational leadership masterclass

The design of the Leadership Master Class recognizes the roles leadership teams play in driving organizational capacity. Teams will explore the concepts of leadership and the foundations needed for a high-performance culture.

Leadership & culture intensive

This session teaches relational leadership while navigating people, process, policy and profit dynamics. Each team will develop a leadership, team and culture playbook unique to their company

Economics of scale intensive

Executive teams will stress test their strategies to ensure they are resilient and capable of achieving growth sustainably and economically.

Governance intensive

Executive teams will learn how to build credible and agile strategies, key structures, networks and effective governance mechanisms to manage the complexities of legal and financial obligations.


Mike Begin

Mike Begin

Mike Broadfoot

Mike Broadfoot


Company criteria

We seek executive teams currently in or approaching the scaling phase that want to build leadership and managerial capacity. Ideal candidates will answer "Yes" to two or more of the following statements: 

  • There is a demand to scale in the next 18-24 months (team, process, sales, product including manufacturing/distribution)
  • There is evidence of scale (capital, market traction, team, revenue) 
    • Closed an investment round of significance 
    • Customer commitment requiring a significant increase in product/service 
    • Moving to full production scale
  • The team has high-growth ambition and a scalable business model
  • The executive team is committed to participating in the ScaleUp program in its entirety
  • The Board of Directors is supportive of the company’s participation in the program

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