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Recent Research: Critical IT Infrastructure and Coalitions

Professor Barrie R. Nault, Ph.D. discusses the topic of a journal article recently published in Information Systems Research

iRC Funding Spotlight - Is IT effective in coordinating energy transition markets?

Assistant Professor Vaarun Vijairaghavan, Ph.D. is Principal Investigator of a recent SSHRC Insight Development Grant

Haskayne Hour - Are platforms dominating society - do we all use Amazon?

With major platforms like Amazon or Alibaba – is it possible to challenge their dominance? Do we want to?

Haskayne School of Business researcher and Distinguished Research Professor, Dr. Barrie Nault, PhD along with Maureen Higgins ISACA, ICD.D, IT Advisory Leader in the Advisory Services practice of Ernst & Young LLP explore how platforms have changed the way we work and shop - for better or for worse. They discuss the benefits of centralized control and facilitation of work – and the impacts on trust and privacy. They also use insights from research and experience as they debate if our experiences in remote work have boosted the impact of platforms permanently. 

Personalized service helps sweeten disclosure decision

Haskayne study looks at why customers decide to provide personal information

Betting the store on online customers isn't sure thing for retailers

Haskayne School of Business researcher looks at complexities of being a retailer in current digital age