Choose Change. Choose Haskayne.

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When you choose change, you’re choosing to unleash your potential.​ Your potential to lead, to grow and to make things happen. Big things. The stuff you didn’t know was possible. ​Change isn’t easy. Transformation never is. Choosing a business degree is an investment in time and money, but at the Haskayne School of Business we’ve been preparing leaders to tackle change for over 50 years. ​It’s what we do. ​

Our graduate programs will prepare you to lead change in yourself, in your career and in your community. ​And there’s no better city to change than in Calgary, a place where entrepreneurial spirit has always been part of our history. As business changes and the economy too, we choose to meet the opportunity. ​

Choose Change. Choose Haskayne.

Storytelling at Haskayne

Haskayne is a place for transformative change. Every student experiences a journey of transformation, making connections along the way with our faculty, staff and business community. As enablers of change, we have many stories to share. Send us your story ideas.

Please include: who your story involves and impacts, what is happening, why is it important, how does it reflect transformative change, where/when is it happening? Each story is reviewed to determine how it effectively supports our brand and how it supports that Haskayne is a top-tier business school.

Explore Haskayne’s visual identity

Our logo

Reflective of the transformative change we enable, the Haskayne logo features a transforming H.

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H monogram

Our monogram is ideal for small spaces and swag.

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Our colours

Bold, modern and vibrant. Haskayne’s colour palette is gold, orange and teal with touches of neutral grey and white.

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Our shapes

Organic and free-flowing shapes represent our entrepreneurial energy and the movement of change and growth.

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Our fonts

Part of the UCalgary family, our fonts are the Museo Slab and Gotham.

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Our imagery

Diverse and relatable, our imagery focused on student photography.

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Our templates

A consistent and cohesive visual identity creates a sense of recognition and trust, which can ultimately lead to greater brand affinity with the Haskayne School of Business. Please download Haskayne templates for your upcoming projects and presentations. Here you’ll find PowerPoint, poster, flyer, postcard, digital thank you card, and email templates.

If you’re looking for a template that does not exist, please contact us.

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