RBC Fast Pitch Competition

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (HCEI)

RBC First Pitch

The RBC Fast Pitch Competition, one of our marquee events, showcases the top teams emerging from the required Bachelor of Commerce course in Entrepreneurial Thinking (ENTI 317) at the Haskayne School of Business. This experiential course motivates students to develop an entrepreneurial mindset by brainstorming possibilities, solving problems, and ultimately creating their own new venture concept aimed at capturing a unique market opportunity.

Held annually in April, the RBC Fast Pitch Competition features the best of our undergraduate entrepreneurial thinkers on stage, pitching their new venture concept to a panel of esteemed judges, competing for cash and in-kind prizes to further develop their idea into a true startup venture.

The core values of entrepreneurial thinking – problem-solving skills, being creative and resilience in uncertain environments – will guide us as we find new ways to support students and reach out to our community. We regularly ask students in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (ENTI) classes, should they persevere, pivot, or abandon. So, in April 2020 we chose to pivot and move the RBC Fast Pitch Competition online! The process was changed significantly, but the essence of the competition remained the same. 

Thirteen teams competed for $100,000 in cash and in-kind prizes at the RBC Fast Pitch competition. Six teams were selected from the Fall 2019 semester, and seven teams were selected from the Winter 2020 semester. 

The winners of the RBC Fast Pitch were:

1st Place:   Hit System

2nd Place:  World Blood Investigators

3rd Place:   Painless Pointe


We wish each of the teams our congratulations and look forward to supporting them in the future. 



RBC First Pitch Sponsor Logos

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RBC Fast Pitch past winners


An alternative to the carcinogenic and non-biodegradable product of floral foam, a staple in the floral industry for providing structure to arrangements. Our product uses natural, biodegradable and reusable materials and aims to replace a single-use plastic product.

  • Joshua Kahn
  • Kingston Leo
  • Elyse Petanca
  • Kristy Wong


A bicycle storage device that allows users to safely and effortlessly store their bicycles without the need to lift them off the ground.

  • Markus Agapiou
  • Allan Li
  • McKenzie Mantei
  • Tyler Moffatt


An innovative improvement on the standard bear encounter defense system that combines a high-quality hiking staff with a safe and effective bear-spray firing mechanism within the handle.

  • Amy Li
  • Alexander Samardzic
  • Tyler Sawatzky
  • Connor Templeton
  • Vinh Tran


Fitbit for Horses. Bringing a traditional sport into the modern age.

HorseBit helps elite horse owners and competitive riders who want access to information to their horse's daily activities by tracking vital signs and gives unlimited accessibility and control over who gets to see this information. Unlike, the system of grooms we most commonly use right now which has high risk of human error as people are unable to watch a horse at every minute of the day.

  • Joannie Kwok
  • Fizza Owais
  • Ally Penic
  • Aniket Sagar
  • Richard Zhang


The Date-Safe sticker is an adhesive backed drug test designed to detect harmful “date rape drugs” in any given drink. Having a cheap and accessible sticker on hand for any occasion provides a convenient way to test for drugs and deter potential incidents.

  • Brandon Buyson
  • Courtney Hoffos
  • Connor Novak


TapKey is an RFID powered bike lock that allows you to lock and unlock your bicycle with just a tap. Powered by a unique RFID tag and compatible scanner, customers will experience a simple, convenient and secure way to access their bike.

  • Eudora Zhu
  • Iago Domingos
  • Manpreet Dhaliwal


CareFind service connects parents to real-time vacancy spots posted by licensed and regulated childcare centres for drop-ins, full and part-time placements.

  • Erica Hughes 
  • Kathy Bui 
  • Eric Edwards 
  • Wenli Ma 


Every year crop farmers run the risk of acquiring the highly contagious, soil-borne disease Clubroot that causes significant reductions in yield as a consequence of gall formation in the infected plants. CropCure is the first natural-based, non-toxic soil treatment that specifically targets Clubroot. 

  • Marinna McDougall 
  • Madison Stang 
  • Christian Belayneh 
  • Andrew Ryan 
  • Natalia Varenyk 
  • Barbara Skuplik 


Current plastic net-wrap solutions are costly to apply and remove, pose health risks for livestock, and are harmful to the environment. Eco-Net is looking to change that with the introduction of a biodegradable hemp based product which is strong, weather-resistant, safe to consume by livestock, and easily recyclable. 

  • Carly Shaw 
  • Calvin Ng 
  • David Halliday 
  • Athina Ivziku 
  • Khoa (Chris) Nguyen


Customers attending movie theatres often struggle when attempting to carry food and beverages to seats from concessions. Cups2Go has a sleek, innovative, paper-thin design that enhances the end consumer’s movie theatre experience by allowing for easy transportation of their food and drink purchases. Additionally, Cups2Go adds value to the movie theatres that carry it because of its convenient storage, vast marketing opportunities, and potentially increasing beverage sales.

  • Daniel Schneider
  • Paola Castillo
  • Madison Wood
  • Rushil Krishna
  • Taylor McDonald



Currently the process of buying and selling artificial insemination (AI) for cattle producers is exceptionally lengthy, troublesome, and inconvenient. STOCK is a website interface that allows sellers of AI to post the semen they are selling from their bull. Using advanced search filters, buyers can then go on the website and find exactly what they want within minutes.

  • Brodie Pierson
  • Dan Cassino
  • Halina Hussainzada
  • Simran Sidhu
  • Nick Tennant



AgriSwamp poses a highly operative solution to current agriculture waste management processes that do not optimize a farmer's manure. The AgriSwamp enhances the efficacy and efficiency of dairy cattle waste to create the most effective and sustainable fertilizer.  AgriSwamp resolves the environmental risks and economic discrepancies that result from traditional waste management processes practices, ultimately turning manure from problem into a farmer's key asset.

  • Victoria Ross
  • Wing Hin Yu
  • Asawari Bapat
  • Kleidion Doko
  • Trevor Fitzgerald


Our product is a revolution in security while on campus: the Securelet. Our mission is to combine fashion with function for women on campus through a subtle yet stylish bracelet to call for help in case of an emergency. Women should be able to feel safe while on campus. The Securelet gives the modern day woman peace of mind in an unpredictable environment.

  • Kira Lagadin
  • Cassidee Smith
  • Renae McArthur
  • Reagan Nagel
  • Kelly Weber



EcoSpire Plastics is an innovative plastic manufacturing company with a solution to reduce the environmental impact of plastic cups. We manufacture 100% biodegradable plastic cups from upcycled seafood waste, using a chemical process to extract a substance called chitin from the shells of crustaceans, and convert it into plastic.

  • Lisa Manners
  • Andrew Hill
  • Garret Edwards
  • Cassidy Dever
  • Taira Doucet



Happy Hands operates in a government-subsidized industry and provides relief to the self-injurious behaviour of persons with disabilities - specifically Autism. Happy Hands provides protective and comfortable gloves designed to provide resistance against injurious behaviour. The memory foam, washer weights, and kevlar material used to manufacture the gloves provide maximum protection and comfort while maintaining maximum inclusivity.

  • Alisha Dhanjal
  • Nico Mah
  • Mark Shehata
  • Steven Tran
  • Ashleigh Corbiell