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Collaborate with the Westman Centre

The Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies' mission is to be a catalyst for the development of real estate industry professionals and a leading centre of excellence for real estate studies through its teaching, research and community engagement activities.

There are many meaningful ways for industry participants to collaborate with the Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies.

Lunch n’ Learns

Lunch n’ Learns are a great opportunity to showcase your company to a small group of students while helping them to understand and identify different career paths available within the real estate industry. Participation is generally limited to 15 – 20 students and the duration is typically 90 minutes (11:30 AM – 1:00 PM).

  • Located on main campus or onsite
  • Lunch is provided
  • Presentation
  • Networking opportunities

Lunch n' Learn opportunities are currently on hold. Please click the button below to register your interest in hosting a Lunch n' Learn, and a member of the Westman team will get back to you once they are being offered again.

Building and Site Tours

Building and site tours are a great opportunity to showcase your building or development site to a small group of undergrad or MBA students. Participation is generally limited to 7 – 15 students and the duration is typically 90 minutes.

  • Located in building's boardroom
  • Presentation
  • Building tour
  • Networking opportunities

Internships, Work Co-op Terms and Student Jobs

We are actively seeking companies who are willing to provide enriching, hands-on employment opportunities to undergrad and MBA students who are interested in pursuing a career in real estate. Such opportunities may include:

  • MBA Paid Internships (4 to 8 months starting May 1)
  • Undergraduate Paid Co-op Work Terms (4 months starting Sept., Jan, or May or 8 months starting May or Jan)
  • Summer job placement
  • Permanent job placement
  • Practice Interviews

Mentorship Program

BMO Mentorship Program gives students the opportunity to learn from seasoned professionals through six one-on-one meetings between September and April. Students are required to conduct a self-assessment, attend a mentorship orientation, prepare goals, set meeting times and attend meetings well-prepared.

Capstone Curriculum

The Westman Centre For Real Estate Studies requires companies from all sectors of Real Estate to participate in our undergraduate and MBA capstone course curriculum. Project Based Captstone is the final course taken by students pursuing a concentration in Real Estate Studies prior to graduation. Students use classroom learnings in an applied setting. We are also looking for companies who will participate in Case Study development.

Fund Development

The Westman Centre For Real Estate Studies is able to achieve its objectives through the generous support of individuals and businesses in the community.


Many students cannot pursue a post-secondary or Masters education without the generous support of companies and individuals providing scholarships. The Westman Centre is seeking industry participants to provide academic scholarships for students enrolled in the Real Estate Studies program both at an undergraduate and MBA level.