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The Community for Advanced Leadership, business leadership that builds sustainable capability of people and profit, is growing!

Our community is active through student and business involvement with CCAL and informational, social and speaking events and competitions.

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Become a Mentor

BMO Mentorship Program at the Haskayne School of Business

Becoming a mentor is about helping the next generation of business professionals prepare for the transition from university to the business world. At the same time, you will develop your own skills to help you become a better manager and leader.

As a Haskayne mentor, you will have access to mentor-only events, networking seminars, and other Haskayne School of Business functions.


A successful mentorship relationship is dependent on the amount of time and effort that a mentor and mentee put in to creating a great experience. Mentors are expected to meet with their mentees at least six times throughout the academic year (September – April). Of course this is only a minimum requirement; we encourage additional touch-ins with your mentees. Your mentorship meetings can include:

  • Lunch meetings
  • Speaker seminars
  • Workplace visits
  • Phone calls/video conferencing
  • Job shadowing

We hope to partner students with professionals who can offer advice and guidance as our students prepare to transition from university to the business world. We seek mentors who hold an undergraduate degree and who have been working professionally for at least five years.

East Meets West Leadership Case Competition

East meets West in this national leadership case competition for MBA students. The competition is held annually, hosted during alternate years by the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary and the Ian O. Ihnatowycz Institute for Leadership at Ivey Business School, Western University.

Haskayne CCAL Ethics Case Competition

The CCAL Case Competitions for BCOMM and MBA students are opportunities to learn leadership in business by doing.  No previous case competition experience is required.

The competitions include a workshop on resolving a business problem while recognizing and addressing the ethical stakes. Team work, communication and other skills that support effective leadership are also addressed.

Students learn from a local business leader (who delivers a keynote on competition day) as well as one another.  Students listen and assess the finalists to select the competition’s “Fan Favourite”.

Lunch with Leaders

Lunch with Leaders brings together an experienced senior leader and a small group of inquisitive students (6-8) to discuss challenging topics in the context of a business lunch.  It is about the power of conversation and – more importantly – human interaction.  Students see how a leader treats people, grapples with challenging issues, listens to different perspectives, and perhaps evolves in his/her thinking with the insights shared by others.

CCAL Research Roundtables

The CCAL Research Roundtables are an example of our commitment to bringing applied research on leadership, ethics, governance and performance challenges confronting business leaders to our community.

These curated small-group discussions are designed to stimulate both research and business thought-leadership.  In this forum, business leaders have the opportunity to hear first-hand from researchers while scholars have the opportunity to learn from the extensive experience of business practitioners.

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Dr. Julian Barling – April 21


Dr. Denise Rousseau – Sept. 16th, 2019: Making Evidence-Based Management Work for You

Dr. Joanne Ciulla – Oct.24th, 2019: Ethical Leadership and Meaningful Work

Dr. Mary Gentile – Jan. 23rd, 2020: Giving Voice to Values: How to Speak Your Mind When You Know What’s Right.

Dr. Ed Freeman – Feb. 6th, 2020: Bridging the Values Gap: How Authentic Organizations Bring Values to Life.