Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business

Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business

At the Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business (CCAL) we are motivated by our compelling Why Statement, which is: We believe that educating leaders in advanced leadership principles will transform the future of business and its role in society.

Student Leadership Development

Advanced leadership is a part of life in many ways, and leadership education at the Haskayne School of Business is part of many courses, whether they are located in the classroom setting or in the beautiful and challenging natural environment of Alberta.

Advanced Leadership Research

Great discoveries are the output of studying important and, at times, provocative questions. What is advanced leadership? How is leadership advanced? These are two fundamental questions that are at the core of CCAL’s long-term vision and strategy.

Advanced Leadership Community

The Community for Advanced Leadership, business leadership that builds sustainable capability of people and profit, is growing! Our community is active through student and business involvement with CCAL and informational, social and speaking events and competitions.


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