Advancing Leadership Research

Leadership Research

Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business (CCAL)

CCAL Leadership Research Grants

Validation of a leadership self-assessment tool for medicine

Recipient: Joshua Bourdage

Year Awarded: 2017


What Guides Corporate Resilience?

Recipient: Mark Anderson

Year Awarded: 2017

Passing the Baton: Opportunity recognition in family businesses – the Alberta Story

Recipient: Alice de Koning

Year Awarded: 2018


Understanding the evolving nature of women in business, women in leadership & women in entrepreneurship: a series of case studies

Recipient: Rosalynn Peschl

Year Awarded: 2018

Poverty and Leadership Role Occupancy: A big data examination of the influences of depression, race and gender

Recipient: Justin Weinhardt, Aidan Dumaisnil

Year Awarded: 2019


A Meta-Analytic Review of Entrepreneurial Leadership Research

Recipient: Mohammad Keyhani, Piers Steel

Year Awarded: 2019

Medical Leadership Changes in Response to a Crisis

Recipient: Jaana Woiceshyn

Year Awarded: 2020


Literary imagination and Leadership: Lessons from the classroom

Recipient: Naor Cohen

Year Awarded: 2020

Ethics Scholars Working Group

The Ethics Scholars Working Group is a team of leading scholars fostering new research in business ethics and advancing ethical thinking. This team seeks to inspire students, faculty, and community members to think more critically and creatively about core ethical business principles through the Ethical Leadership in Business Speaker Series.