Advancing Leadership Research

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Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business (CCAL)

CCAL Leadership Research Grants

Validation of a leadership self-assessment tool for medicine

Recipient: Joshua Bourdage

Year Awarded: 2017


What Guides Corporate Resilience?

Recipient: Mark Anderson

Year Awarded: 2017

Passing the Baton: Opportunity recognition in family businesses – the Alberta Story

Recipient: Alice de Koning

Year Awarded: 2018


Understanding the evolving nature of women in business, women in leadership & women in entrepreneurship: a series of case studies

Recipient: Rosalynn Peschl

Year Awarded: 2018

Poverty and Leadership Role Occupancy: A big data examination of the influences of depression, race and gender

Recipient: Justin Weinhardt, Aidan Dumaisnil

Year Awarded: 2019


A Meta-Analytic Review of Entrepreneurial Leadership Research

Recipient: Mohammad Keyhani, Piers Steel

Year Awarded: 2019

Medical Leadership Changes in Response to a Crisis

Recipient: Jaana Woiceshyn

Year Awarded: 2020


Literary imagination and Leadership: Lessons from the classroom

Recipient: Naor Cohen

Year Awarded: 2020