Advancing Leadership Research

Canadian Centre for Advanced Leadership in Business (CCAL)

Under the direction of CCAL Research Chair, Dr. Nick Turner, leadership research for CCAL is expanding in both reach and impact. In addition to his own leadership research program with other faculty at Haskayne and beyond, Dr. Turner is editor of a top-tier research journal, Human Relations, and encourages leadership research dissemination and translation through his roles as Area Chair for OBHR, Course Coordinator for the mandatory ethical leadership course, MGST 453, and cross-faculty and cross-university research initiatives.

  • CCAL has a key role in supporting the production of applied research and translation of leadership research. Actions underway: 2019 - 20
  • Renewal of focused CCAL Research Grants for leadership research, including expansion of the call to other faculties and other universities where there are other top leadership faculty.
  • Support the planning and implementation of a CCAL national leadership research conference.
  • Provide structural support through positions that can help translate research, conduct research on CCAL initiatives for faculty researchers, and to use that research to build better leadership development material for CCAL and ultimately for improving management practice.

CCAL Research Roundtables

The CCAL Research Roundtables are an example of our commitment to bringing applied research on ethics, governance and performance challenges confronting business leaders to our community.

These curated small-group discussions are designed to stimulate both research and business thought-leadership.  In this forum, business leaders have the opportunity to hear first-hand from researchers while scholars have the opportunity to learn from the extensive experience of business practitioners.